Quickflash Weatherproofing Flashing Products

Quickflash Weatherproofing Products, Inc. provides the building industry with the ultimate solution to weatherproofing exterior vertical wall penetrations and protrusions. Quickflash provides flashing panels for Plumbing, Electrical, Gas and HVAC exterior vertical wall penetrations and protrusions.  Quick and easy to install, the patented made-in-the-USA Quickflash flashing panels replace the old, unreliable caulking, tape flashing, spray foams, and sheet metal flashing methods.  Quickflash panels can save the builder thousands of dollars a year from potential moisture related problems such as toxic mold and related litigation. Quick-Flash flashing panels also improve energy efficiency by stopping air leakage; eliminate the need for sealants; are economical, saving time and labor; are non-corrosive and non-conductive; work with all cladding systems; help reduce bug and vermin infestation.

Made in America!

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Warning: All Quickflash® products maximum heat threshold is 160 °F. Quickflash® products are combustible and should be protected from flame and other high heat.

Quick Installation

For all claddings

Quickflash Works With All Claddings:

  • Wood Sidings
  • Fiber Cement Sidings
  • Vinyl Sidings
  • Brick/Cultured Stone
  • Metal/Aluminum Sidings
  • Stucco Systems
  • Rainscreen Systems


Benefits of Using Quickflash:

  • Helps meet the 2012 IECC air-leakage requirements
  • Reduces liability
  • Stops air leakage
  • Helps to prevent water intrusion
  • Economical — saves time and labor
  • Eliminates the need for sealants
  • Non-corrosive — non-conductive
  • Only flashing that is specifically designed for wall penetrations
  • Self-sealing around fasteners
  • Easy to integrate with building envelope and works with all cladding systems
  • American made in the USA

Made in America

All Quickflash® Flashing panels are made in the USA
Quickflash® Weatherproofing Products, Inc. products are covered by one or more of the following United States Letters Patent: 6,395,984; 6,543,186; 6,596,938; 6,649,835; 7,305,801; 7,389,616; 7,730,681; 7,640,699; 6,860,070 and other patents pending

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