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Call us: 231-399-0700
Customer Reviews

Green Building Products from Eco-Building Products

Our Eco-Building Products team, trained in the science of green building, has selected a number of innovative, high-performance, green building products and renewable-energy systems that are environmentally friendly, natural-resource sensible, energy-efficient, non-toxic and affordable.

We are happy to take your order 24 hours day at our online green product store or you may call us at: (231) 399-0700. We are available 9:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday – Friday. If you need to pick up before or after our operating hours, we can accomodate. Just let us know.

As well, we are happy to promptly reply to green building inquiries and green building questions via our contact page.

Affordable Costs, Efficient Savings on Green Products

Due to rising energy costs, conventional building materials are rapidly increasing in price. Using energy-efficient, natural and resource-responsible green building materials and green building systems in your building is not only sustainable but financially sensible. Considering monetary, social and environmental costs, it only makes sense to select green building materials for your next (green) building project. When measuring return on investment, Eco-Building Products’ selection of green products and green materials out-performs comparable products.

Green Building Experience and Expertise

Utilizing our wealth of experience in building with green products, coupled with our high standards and superior buying principles, we have carefully screened our green building products so that we can offer them to you with full confidence in their performance and environmental benefits at reasonable prices.

Green Building Supply Store

You can now easily find Solatube Solar Tube Lighting, Forbo Marmoleum Flooring, non-toxic wall finishes, Renewable Energy Systems, and much more at our Green Building Products Online Store. We have a wide array of green products and offer contractor discounts for licenses contractors.

Knowledgeable Team at Eco-Building Products

Our knowledgeable team at Eco-Building Products can provide solutions to all your Green Building problems. From recycled rubber flooring, to solar hot water heating, to solar energy systems to tubular skylights, Eco-Building Product’s team can assist you.


Jim Barnes from Eco-Building Products

Jim Barnes

Owner, General Manager [email protected] 

 In 1988, Jim graduated from The School of Interdisciplinary Studies at Miami University in Oxford,  Ohio. In 1990 he purchased Northern Delights, a Natural Foods Bakery and Deli  specializing in hippie vegetarian foods. Shortly thereafter, he added a cafe by incorporating table side service, applied for and was awarded a Class C Resort Beer and Wine license from the State of Michigan. At that point, his food evolved from hippie vegetarian to finer ethnic fare prepared from local and organic  foods.  Northern Delights Cafe, Bakery and Deli became a cultural mecca providing a weekly coffee house series, ethnic dinners, wine tastings and art receptions.  As owner and operator of Northern Delights, he was recognized by the Northern Michigan Environmental Action council as “Environmentalist of the Year”. In 1999, he upgraded from the beer and wine to a liquor license and created The Roadhouse, a Mexican Bar and Grill. Three years later he sold it.  In the summer of 2002, he formed The Crystal Lake Catering Company, providing upscale catering services to well established clients from his two previous businesses.  He continues to operate it on a seasonal basis. In March of 2006, he established Eco-Building products. As the owner, his primary role is directing sales and marketing. In January 2011, Eco-Building Products was recognized as Northwest Lower Michigan’s Small Business of the Year by The Small Business Development and Technology Center.

Greg Kindig

Product Sales and IT Support: [email protected] 

Bio: Greg left his computer career in California to live on a small organic farm in Michigan in 2007. For the opportunity to get off the farm and interact with humans, Greg joined EBP in 2013, bringing his interest in sustainable living and his computer expertise.

Having grown up the son of an Architect in Ann Arbor while spending summers on his grandparents’ Northwest Michigan farm, Greg combines an interest in Architecture and Alternative Building with the do-it-yourself work ethic of the farm, with emphasis on safe, sustainable, natural materials and minimal waste.  While it is great to include the best materials and products in a building at the time of construction, Greg also loves to help people repair / retrofit / refurbish their existing homes with sustainable products, and has experience improving the energy efficiency and indoor air quality of house trailers and modular homes.


Sales Associate: [email protected]

Josh Piersmada

Designer: [email protected]

Bio: Josh came to us in 2013 with a unique background of skills: a graduate of Washtenaw Community College in 2006 and the Vancouver Film School in 2009, Josh is trained in film animation, motion design, and visual effects. (That’s where his super-savvy computer skills come from.) Prior to that, Josh grew up in the Grand Rapids area, where his father, Phil, had a hardware store until 1997. (That’s where his general knowledge of building products comes from.) From 2005-2007, Phil, Josh, and Josh’s brother, Ben, had a floor sales and installation business in Arcadia: Piersma Hardwood Flooring. (That’s where his flooring know-how comes from.)

Josh now lives in Arcadia with his wife, Kelly (a Frankfort High School alum), and their 2.5-year-old son, Lucas. They have a baby girl on the way next month. In addition to working for Eco-Building Products, Josh is the sous chef at our sister businesses, Crystal Lake Catering Company and Elberto’s Taqueria, during the summer. In his free time, Josh makes up silly games to play with his son, and he still does film on the side: he’s currently editing a wedding and working with Benzie County filmmaker Dan Kelly.

His hobby?  Using 3-D environments to run fluid dynamic simulations for smoke, fire, and debris.

His favorite product that we sell? The marmoleum from Forbo Flooring Systems.