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Sealin Hatch Attic Access Doors

Attic Access Doors / Ceiling Hatches and Insulated Attic Light Caps

These attic access hatches prevent air leaks by weatherizing and insulating your attic access ceiling door with a pre-built hatch, a proven energy saving measure. A completely assembled and high-performance insulated attic access ceiling door specifically designed to save the builder and homeowner time, energy and money when building or remodeling. There are two standard models of ceiling hatches and two for through-the-wall or knee attic access.

Sealin’ Hatch provides insulated attic access solutions that meet your building and energy codes. Contact Eco-Building Products to learn more about the benefits these access doors and ceiling hatches provide.

Quick and easy installation creates quick and easy attic access!


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Sealin' Hatch

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Showing all 3 results