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Applegate Cotton Armor, Natural Cotton Insulation


Made in America!  Applegate Cotton Insulation is Made in the USA!

Applegate Insulation has discontinued their Cotton Armor line to focus on their Cellulose Insulation.

However, we still have a large supply of their no-itch cotton pipe wrap, duct wrap, water heater blankets, and sound proofing panels available at discounted prices!

In addition to the uses these products are designed for, they are also great for alternative uses such as Van Conversions!  The foil-faced cotton pipe wraps and duct wraps are particularly suited to insulating the metal floor of vans, buses, and RVs quickly and affordably without impacting headroom.

Regarding Van Conversions (as well as Skoolie Bus and RV conversions), take a look at our Sprinter Van Conversion page for some information we have collected for and from customers doing these conversions.

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Applegate Cotton Armor Cotton Pipe & Duct Wraps, and Water Heater Blankets
per box
Box PriceHuge


Pallet Price
Save more on your hot water and energy costs with pipe, duct, and water heater insulation!  Or insulate the metal floor of your Van Conversion, Skoolie Bus Conversion, or RV!
R4Pipe Wrap3″25′$5.956$35.70$19.99email
R4Duct Wrap10″15′$10.956$65.70$35.99email
R8Water Heater48″75″$22.454$89.80$44.90email
R10Water Heater48″75″$24.954$99.80$49.90email

Contractors, Installers, and Non-Profits, contact us for Pallet Pricing!



Wall, ceiling, and floor insulation is often used as a component of soundproofing. Any insulation product will improve your soundproofing compared to a hollow cavity.

Applegate Cotton Insulation has been rated for acoustic performance.  Click here for Acoustic/Soundproofing Information about Applegate Cotton Insulation.

However, if you are attempting to address a serious sound control problem that is impacting health or relationships with family or neighbors, you will want to educate yourself on the intricacies of sound control problems and the corresponding solutions. We recommend you start by visiting our friends at the Soundproofing Company as they are the industry experts.

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