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LEED certification of buildings and developments, and the LEED credits associated with building and development techniques, concepts, and materials is a growing segment of the building and development industry. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design under the Green Building Rating System. This system is the benchmark for environmentally-friendly products in the United States. Many Eco-Building Products are certified or eligible for LEED credits.

Solatube offers this LEED credit information for their Daylighting Tubular Skylights: Solatube LEED Matrix

Rubio Monocoat offers this LEED credit information for their natural zero and low VOC finishes: Rubio Monocoat LEED Verification

Forbo Marmoleum offers this LEED credit information for their natural flooring products: Forbo LEED Credit Compliance

Chemlink adhesvies and sealants are also eligible for LEED credits

Caroma dual-flush toilets can also [su_tooltip style=”blue” title=”LEED Water Efficiency Credits” content=”According the LEED v4 rating system, dual flush toilets could contribute to the following credits: • WE Prerequisite, Indoor Water Use Reduction (0 points):
This requires a 20% reduction in baseline water usage. • WE Credit, Indoor Water Use Reduction (2-4 points): This requires reducing water consumption beyond baseline (25-50%). Projects can also earn Exemplary Performance points for reducing indoor water use reduction by 55%.”][su_button] earn credits[/su_button][/su_tooltip]

EcoFusion flooring can also [su_tooltip style=”blue” title=”LEED Credits” content=”Every EcoFusion bamboo product qualifies for LEED credits.  All EcoFusion bamboo products, including their strand woven bamboo flooring, is made from Moso bamboo. This type of bamboo is considered a rapidly renewable resource under the LEED standards. EcoFusion flooring products are manufactured so that they emit very low levels of materials. Most other types of flooring cannot say this. EcoFusion manufactures flooring adhesives that do NOT contain VOCs or added urea-formaldehyde. While EcoFusion strand-woven bamboo flooring is one of their top sellers, their EcoFusion strand wood Eucalyptus flooring is also very popular. This flooring also qualifies for LEED credits, and exceeds emissions standards just like their strand woven bamboo flooring. In fact, all EcoFusion Flooring products exceed indoor air quality standards (CARB2012 and E1 thresholds).”][su_button] earn credits[/su_button][/su_tooltip]

Black Mountain and Oregon Shepherd sheep wool insulation, and Applegate cotton insulation may earn credits as well, being rapidly renewable, with lower embodied energy, and better for indoor air quality.


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