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Food Service Industry Environmental Upgrade Package

Going Green Reduces Operating Costs While Improving Image & Increasing Sales
More so than in most industries, restaurants have great opportunities to “green up” their operations! From featuring and preparing local foods to composting and recycling waste, your company can reduce costs, promote sustainability and increase profitability. Smart, deliberate and progressive changes to operations will not only improve efficiency and heal mother-nature’s wounds, it will also improve the image of your company.

The values of our community and culture are adapting to a new economy and improved ecology. Much like upgrading from head lettuce to mixed greens in your salads, upgrading from inefficient and outdated food serviceware to efficient and environmentally friendly equipment and products is easy, viable and respectable. Doing so will separate your company from those who haven’t yet caught on, resulting in increased market share, sales and a stronger bottom line.

LED Lighting
Replacing inefficient incandescent and halogen lights with Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting may be one of the most cost-effective environmental upgrades you can make. Considered “low hanging fruit,” the energy auditing industry promotes LED lighting over

Compact Fluorescent (CFL) lighting because they draw half the electricity, last 3-4 times longer and most offer superior dimming capabilities. If the lights in your restaurant are operating 50+ hours a week, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year just by upgrading your lighting package. Lighting upgrades are eligible for the Energy Smart Rebate Program from your utility, 25% Grants from the USDA and Low Interest Loans.

Compostable Food Serviceware
Our carryout serviceware is made from forest or agricultural products, much like the food you serve. Our VerTerra plates and bowls and Aspenware cutlery are made from fallen palm leaves and downed Aspen trees respectively. Our Eco Product line of cups are made from corn starch. The palm leaves are steam cleaned and pressed into plates and bowls. The corn starches in the sugar are converted to a syrup that has molecular traits similar to petrochemical polymers used to make plastic containers.

The cups look and feel like traditional containers, but these agricultural food service products are rapidly renewable and compostable. The plates, bowls and cutlery all have a distinct look that clearly states they are natural and beneficial to the environment. State your values on your menu and tell your customers you have chosen to have a positive environmental impact by upgrading from conventional foam and plastic to biodegradable and more sustainable forestry and agricultural food service products. Feedback from both employees and customers will be 100% positive!

Caroma Dual Flush Toilets
Save water, energy and your septic system with Caroma Dual Flush toilets. Caroma offers you, your staff and your customers a choice to use a half-flush (0.8 gallons) or a full flush (1.6 gallons), saving water, the energy used to run your well pump, and your septic system. When installed in commercial settings, these smart toilets have recorded over 14,000 gallons saved per year.

Recycling & Composting Pick Up & Drop Off
Your establishment could reduce hundreds of yards of waste that goes to the landfill each year. We can make it easy for you to recycle or compost much of this waste! EBP has teamed with Bay Area Recycling for Charities to provide a weekly and/or bi-weekly service pick up of your compostables and recyclables. Not only does this effort have a tremendously positive impact on the environment, it is also measurable. We will provide you with a monthly measurement of how much waste was diverted from the landfill, information you can use for marketing purposes. A percentage of our composting and recycling cost will be donated to a charity of your choice.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Solar Energy
During the summer season, when your business requires hundreds of gallons of hot water daily, the sun is shining bright for 14 hours a day! When you need it the most, our Solar Patriot solar hot water heating systems can produce as many as 200-400 gallons of hot water for your commercial dishwasher each day. Solar Patriot solar hot water collectors are the most efficient of all renewable energy systems. They may be eligible for the Energy Smart Rebate Program through your utility, 30% Federal Income Tax Credits, 25% USDA grants and low interest loans.

Green Cleaning System
Our environmentally friendly, cost effective cleaning system, EcoLogic Solutions, will clean as well as your conventional cleaning products without leaving behind invisible toxic waste after you have cleaned. EcoLogic Solutions can be used to clean your dining tables, windows and floors. It has the strength to clean bathroom toilets, the grout on your tile floors and the greasy, grimy stainless steel hood over your fryer or grill. Our wall-mounted dispenser will ensure accurate levels of concentration and prevent waste.

View several of these items below, or call us directly  for more information on products and services that can help with your Food Service Upgrade. Ask for Jim, or email him directly at [email protected]