Solatube Extension Tubes

Tape and screws included

Please note: Solatube recommends overlapping both ends when connecting tubes.

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Solatube Extension Tubes

The Solatube 160DS and Solatube 290DS tubular daylighting kits will span up to 11 inches without extension tubes. If the span from the top of your roof surface to your bottom ceiling surface is more than 11 inches, you will need some Solatube Extension Tubes to complete the span.

Solatube extension tubes telescope together for easy installation, are fastened together with low profile tube screws and are sealed with high bonding foil tape. Available in 16” and 24” lengths, and in an adjustable zero-to-90-degree elbow.

160DS 10-inch Diameter 290DS 14-inch Diameter
16-inch tube $30.95 $38.01
24-inch tube $46.44 $57.02
0-90-degree elbow $58.05 $71.28

The 16-inch and 24-inch tubes cost the same per inch.  The 24-inch tubes generally require less time to install for long spans, which the 16-inch tubes can usually be shipped at a lower cost when ordered with a Solatube Daylighting Kit.

While your Solatube kit can adjust from zero to 30 degrees at each end, the elbows allow the kit to “bend” around obstructions in your attic.


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