Solatube Thermal Insulation Panel

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Provides unmatched thermal performance. Two climate control discs paired with a polycarbonate ring prevent conductive and convective heat transfer. Spectralight® Infinity material inside the ring maximizes light transfer.

Available in two sizes for all 160 (10″) and 290 kits (14″)

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Unbeatable Thermal Performance

Don’t let the concerns of poor thermal performance deter you from daylighting large spaces.  With the new Solatube Thermal Insulation Panel, you can achieve superior daylighting in large spaces with virtually no thermal impact on the indoor climate.


Crush the Code

The new Thermal Insulation Panel restricts both conductive and convective heat transfer, delivering U-factors that crush current code.  With this new add-on, Solatube Daylighting Systems also annihilate the anticipated future IECC 0.48 BTU/(h°F ft2) code change — by up to 42%!


thermal panel_03In Cold Climate the Thermal Insulation panel keeps cold out to reduce Heating costs. In warm climates keeping heat out improves energy efficiency by reducing cooling loads.









Thermal Insulation Panel Installation Instructions




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1 review for Solatube Thermal Insulation Panel

  1. Richard

    Added these to four 290’s in my home after noticing that my diffusers were very cold to the touch in the middle of winter here in Minnesota. They were easy to install, the thermal insulaton panels have kept the cold out and now my diffusers are room temperature. This was good way to improve the overall energy efficiency in my home.
    Great Product!

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