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Sealin' Hatch weatherization attic hatch

With cold weather fast approaching, stopping the energy loss in your home with simple winter weatherization products is a no-brainer. The average home loses up to 20% of its energy where you might least expect it–your attic hatch. As one of the most critical exterior openings of a home, give your hatch some extra attention this year. Sealin’ Hatch is a completely assembled and insulated attic access system designed specifically to save the builder and homeowner time, energy and money, whether building or remodeling. The simple Sealin’ Hatch is a great do-it-yourself project that installs in just minutes and makes an immediate energy-saving impact.

Most attics have poorly or non-insulated attic access holes with no air seals. The Sealin’ Hatch is insulated by an attached 75% recycled cotton fiber insulation that is safe for the installer, homeowner and the environment. With strategically installed air seals, the Sealin’ Hatch stops the 20% air leakage associated with typical attic openings, saving you precious energy.

Featuring sturdy construction, the Sealin’ Hatch weatherization attic hatch does not require rough-in or extra framing. Painted trim molding and panels are also featured, offering flexibility during construction and providing a consistent and professional appearance throughout your home. This superb new insulated attic access door installs in just 5 minutes, and even includes the six screws necessary for installation.

The Sealin’ Hatch is available in both Ceiling and Wall-Knee Attic Models. The Ceiling Attic Hatch models are available in two convenient sizes (14″ x 22.5″) and (22.5″ x 30.5″) for your unique installation needs. The Wall-Knee Attic Hatch is made specifically for easy through-the-wall access attics and is available in two standard sizes, (14″ x 22.5″) and (22.5″ x 32″). Custom sizes and specifications are also available.

click here to see all models and learn more about the positive impact the Sealin’ Hatch can make on the winter weatherization projects in your home.

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Showing all 3 results