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Introducing Solaro Day: Solar Powered Daylight Simulator

Solaro Energy Co. introduces a new advancement in lighting systems with Solaro Day: Solar Powered Daylighting Simulators. Solaro Day systems mirror natural sunlight while providing output that covers the full spectrum of light. Solaro Day can be installed into virtually any room or building with ease and is designed to help users move ‘off the grid,’ creating a first step towards energy independence at any pace. 

The newest innovation in solar lighting design, Solaro Day lighting systems feature opto semiconductors (OSC) as light engines. OSCs provide brighter light, last longer and replicate natural sunlight far better than traditional LED lighting systems.

The non-obtrusive Solaro Day daylight simulator creates the same light as a traditional tubular skylight without the hassle of a costly installation and without requiring a large hole be cut in your roof or ceiling. On average, Solaro Day requires only a 1/2″ diameter hole be drilled into your roof, creating a more user-friendly and simple installation. Unlike many traditional skylights, Solaro systems produce healthy daylight and vitamin D without the risk of UV rays that can cause fading on carpets and furniture.

Solaro Day simulators provide instant lighting expense cost savings for homes, apartments and many commercial applications when compared to fluorescent or incandescent lighting methods. In fact, the installation of just one Solaro Day light, even if wired to the existing structures electrical system, will save 50% to 80% over incandescent and fluorescent lights. And the savings don’t stop there, as the Solar Day is eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Rebate as well.

The Solaro Day system works in three easy steps. Beginning on the roof level, Solaro has designed a line of special proprietary solar panels that collect sunlight, even on cloudy days, and convert it to safe, low voltage DC power. This power is sent to the Solaro Day daylight simulator in your home or officethrough the small interconnect cable, quickly creating stunning light for your space.

Among the impressive features of the Solaro Day model is the optional battery component, a back-up power supply system that can light up day or night, even if the power goes out. Also available are optional AC conversions, wireless dimmer switches, and a version made specifically for growing plants indoors.

Solaro Day systems are guaranteed by a strong 25-year warranty on the solar panel and diffuser, as well as a 10-year warranty for the opto semiconductors and the light engine. Made in the USA.