Rubio Monocoat Exterior Hybrid Wood Protector

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Rubio Monocoat Exterior Hybrid Wood Protector

Rubio Monocoat Exterior Hybrid Wood Protector is an ecological protective coating for new and weathered wood. Exterior Hybrid Wood Protector has zero VOCs, formaldehydes, and isocyanates and is used for coating new and weathered wood. In a single coat it protects against fading and wood rot of façades, terraces, shutters, portals, garden furniture, frames, pontoons, etc. Also suitable for interior use. The Rubio Monocoat technology is linked to a new generation UV stabiliser and a product resistant to blackening: approved for extreme climates. Guaranteed application in only one layer. Easy to maintain – renovation without the need for sanding. Does not form a film layer. Does not flake.

Exterior Hybrid Wood Protector can be used with any wood type (exotic wood, soft wood, thermally treated wood, etc.). Never apply in direct sunlight and at temperatures under 50ºF or over 85ºF. Only work when weather conditions are dry. Do not cover and do not place heavy objects on the wood until completely dry. Close the packaging thoroughly after use and protect from direct sunlight, frost and moisture. Never dilute.

Use On

  • Cladding.
  • Decking.
  • Shutters.
  • Garden furniture.
  • Fixtures and fittings.
  • Chalets.
  • Boat decks.
  • Woodwork (and interior too).


  • 20ml sample.
  • 100 ml.
  • 1 liter.


Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector “Traditional” Colors (shown on red cedar)

Autoclave Green Black Chocolate Grey Natural Pure
Royal Teak White Wine Red Light Grey Taupe

* Pure – does not prevent the wood from turning grey.
* White – will become brighter when exposed to UV. On non-UV exposure the white will become off-white.


Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector “Pop” Colors (shown on pine)

Dolphin Dragonfruit Lagoon Piglet Poppy Sunflower Sunset Veggie

* These samples are purely indicative and not binding.

Specs and Video

Rubio Hybrid Wood Protector Coverage

  • +/- 300 square feet per liter.

Rubio Hybrid Wood Protector Maintenance

Normal maintenance: RMC Exterior Soap
– Rinse the surface.
– Shake the spray well. Spray product onto surface.
– Clean.
– Leave to dry.

Repair maintenance: RMC Hybrid Wood Protector
If the colour starts to fade, repeat steps 1 and 2 (preparation and
application) of these instructions.

More Information

  • Brochure.
  • Do not use this product without consulting the full instruction and technical sheet.

Hybrid Wood Protector Video


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