Marmoleum Floor Finish for Residential Linoleum and Vinyl Floors


1 quart = 450-550 square feet 1-2  coats

1 gallon = 1800-2200 square feet 1-2 coats



Beautiful Marmoleum Finish for Forbo Flooring
Marmoleum floor finish provides a beautiful, long-lasting, protective finish for all Forbo linoleum floors. Suitable for use on linoleum or any traditional vinyl floor covering, Marmoleum floor finish makes cleaning easier and less frequently needed. The finish is environmentally friendly, containing no heavy metals, making it less burdensome for waste treatment plants.

One quart of Marmoleum floor finish will cover 500 square feet.

Yellowing when applying is only Temporary: Marmoleum is made from natural materials and many of its most performance attributes (durability, anti-microbial properties) are the result of the continued oxidation of the linseed oil over its life. During the manufacturing process while the Marmoleum is maturing in the drying stoves, a yellow cast, called “drying room yellowing” or “ambering” may appear on the surface of the material when it is initially taken out of its packaging. This visual discoloration is only TEMPORARY. It occurs intermittently and with varying intensity. It is most noticeable on blue and grey shades of Marmoleum. When the material is exposed to light, the drying room yellowing will disappear. The process may take as little as a few hours in bright sunlight or longer with artificial light. Because this is a natural occurrence in the product, there is no set time frame for the yellowing to disappear. This is NOT a material defect. In regards to floor care, applying floor finish to the material before the drying room yellowing disappears will make no difference; it will still disappear with exposure to light.


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