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Natural flooring
Enviromentally friendly, Sustainable, Safe and Natural Flooring.

Natural Flooring

We provide modern and elegant environmentally friendly flooring solutions that are not only beautiful but sustainable and natural. Adding any of our exceptional lines of flooring to your green home is easier than ever with fast shipping to all the lower 48 states. No matter how big or small your job is, we have a wide variety of sustainable flooring options for any situation.

Forbo Marmoleum 100% bio-based tiles and sheet goods can create any space into a modern design. Forbo’s adhesives are all Carb2 compliant and zero VOC which gives designers the utmost control without compromising indoor air quality. Forbo has created 3 tile options Marmoleum MCT, Marmoluem Modular, and Marmoleum Click. MCT is a cost-effective tile that is both durable and long lasting, but it is only available in 13″x 13″ squares. It is also thinner at 2.0mm. Marmoleum Modular is 2.5mm thick and comes in a huge amount of colors and designs. Tile sizes can be 10″x 10″, 10″x 20″, 20″ x 20″, and 10″ x 40″. Marmoleum Modular is the most popular, most configurable tile that Forbo has created. From Striato lines to Textura wood grain looks Forbo has created a modern aesthetically pleasing natural tile for any home.

Marmoleum Click tile comes in 12″ x 12″ and 12″ x 36″ tiles that can be installed by any DIYer. The Interlocking floating design is laser cut creating a perfect uncompromising fit making the seams impenetrable to water. Ecofusion flooring is a well-priced bamboo flooring alternative that exceeds carb2 complience with very low VOC and provides long lasting durability. EcoFusion’s prefinished, lock in place floors give the DIY community an alternative choice that is both sustainable and environmentally responsible. Duro Design’s natural cork flooring is sustainable because it can be harvested from the tree several times over the lifetime of the tree and it comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Cork flooring is durable long lasting easy to install and has amazing sound deadening characteristics.

Interested in any of the sustainable flooring options listed above? Feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales representatives to learn more or purchase environmentally friendly flooring today. We look forward to helping you create a new floor you love.


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