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EcoTimber Named Consumer Reports "Overall Top Pick" for 2nd Year in a Row

EcoTimber, Inc. has received the unprecedented honor of being named an Overall Top Pick by Consumer Reports for a second consecutive year. The August 2010 issue of Consumer Reports has named EcoTimber Honey Solid Woven Bamboo as a Top Overall Pick and “Recommended Best Buy” in the solid hardwood category. In addition, EcoTimber Vertical Grain Solid Strip Bamboo was named #2 Overall Pick for the same issue, moving up several spots from last year’s issue. For more information please visit
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“We are extremely honored by this review from Consumer Reports for the 2nd year in a row”, says newly-appointed COO Chanel Clifford, “it really drives home our philosophy of being able to provide the highest quality products in the market while never loosing focus on our deep- rooted commitment to the environment. In the past year we have made significant changes to our product offering and this rating demonstrates our continuing commitment to high quality above all. We also recently added an amazing engineered version of this top rated product that we hope will garner similar ratings next year in the engineered category.”

Since 1992, EcoTimber has promoted forest conservation and healthy environments by selling sustainably harvested wood and bamboo products that are completely free from added ureaformaldehydes and other harmful VOC’s. EcoTimber products are committed to high quality, friendly service and competitive pricing. They specialize in offering wood products from forests that are certified according to the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as well as reclaimed and salvaged hardwood. EcoTimber also prides itself in only sourcing bamboo products that are harvested from natural plantations without the need to replace a bamboo forest.