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Reinvent your Kitchen & Bath with Modwalls Recycled Glass Tile

Modwalls Recycled Glass Tile

Discover Recycled Products from Modwalls.
Modwalls has long been the destination for those looking to add modern, decorative tiles to kitchens, baths and more. Now, Modwalls presents a line of recycled glass tiles and renewable cork products to keep your remodel not only beautiful, but environmentally friendly too. Modwalls Viridian recycled glass mosaic tile is made of 98% pre-consumer recycled glass. This gorgeously green product is not only kind to the environment, it will enhance your home environment as well. Made of reclaimed windows from old buildings, and manufacturing waste from windows and windshield production, Viridian is available for your home in a wide variety of colors and 2 styles.

Viridian Pearl
Viridian Pearl 1 recycled glass tile features a soft, iridescent sheen. It is an ideal finish for walls as well as low traffic floors, both indoor and out, including wet areas.

Viridian Industrial
Viridian Industrial 1 recycled glass tile features a non-slip texture and matte finish that is ideal for floors or walls, both indoor and out, including wet areas like showers, swimming pools and spas. This version of Viridian is uniquely suited to commercial installations, including high traffic floors and provides a more slip-resistant finish.

Modwalls Recycled Tile

CorkDotz Tile (Renewable, Recycled & Resistant)
Cork Tile is a forward-looking green material and renewable resource made from tree bark. Modwalls CorkDotz cork mosaics are recycled from by-products of the cork stopper industry. CorkDeluxe floor and wall tiles are large format coverings available in 2 rich colors. All Modwalls cork products come pre-sealed for water resistance and ease of installation.

ModRocks Recycled Glass Stones
To create the smooth pebbled texture of ModRocks Recycled Glass Stones, consumer bottles are crushed into small pieces, tumbled and then mesh mounted onto 12″ by 12″ interlocking sheets. ModRocks feature 100% recycled glass, and because there is no melting involved, use very little energy in the production process. The clear color plays well with any variety of light sources and pick up grout and surrounding colors beautifully. Ideal for wet and dry areas both indoor and outdoor including floors, pools and spas.

Explore the links below to learn more about individual ModWalls Recycled products, or visit the Eco-Building Products showroom in the warehouse district of downtown Traverse City, Mich. to see Modwalls for yourself!