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On Sale: American Clay Try Me Kit

American Clay WallGet to know American Clay Natural Clay Plaster
The Try-Me Kit is a terrific tool for experimenting with American Clay products and their application processes. The Try-Me Kit is used for sampling and testing the American Clay product. It provides a small sample of each 3 premier finishes and all the tools required to complete the application process.

American Clay Earth Plasters are a natural, environmentally friendly way to finish any interior. Non-toxic and made in the USA, these plasters are an alternative to cement, acrylic and lime plasters, offering superior color, richness, texture and depth not found with other finishes. See what the different styles have to offer: Loma bestows a charming, rustic feel with matte colors and organic surfaces; Porcelina’s smooth surface and complex colors mimic the highly polished, opulent marble of the Old World; Marittimo’s soft colors and speckled sheen shimmer like the ocean; and Enjarre offers a rugged, earthen look in a single-coat plaster.