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Bonded Logic: UltraTouch Natural Cotton Insulation

Experience the Performance & Peace of Mind of Green Fiber Insulation

UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation offers superior thermal and acoustic properties while providing the health benefits of natural, recycled material. Used for both interior and exterior walls and ceiling applications, UltraTouch cotton insulation can be installed in wood as well as metal framed buildings, offering flexibility and precision.

The Class-A Certified building material performs with exceptional durability while providing no-itch, non skin-irritating texture that resists microbial growth and contains none of the harmful airborne chemicals common in everyday insulations. Available in various thicknesses and “oversized” widths to provide maximum fill capacity, UltraTouch cotton insulation is available to suit any size project, even offering a convenient multi-purpose roll for small jobs around the home.

Natural Cotton Insulation: Sound & Thermal Advantages

UltraTouch natural cotton insulation offers an extremely high NRC (noise reduction coefficient), significantly reducing sound transmissions from traffic, airplanes, TV and everyday conversation. The patented manufacturing process features a three-dimensional infrastructure that traps, isolates and controls sound waves, creating a quiet, comfortable living environment.

Sound reduction is just the beginning. UltraTouch cotton fiber insulation is high density, and contains thousands of tiny air pockets, which help to maintain strong thermal performance, even in areas that experience extreme temperature change. Strongly mold-resistant, each individual fiber is “flash-dried” and treated with non-toxic borate solution to inhibit growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi. Performing double duty as a fire-retardant, the borate also deters pest infiltration and is EPA registered to ensure your health and safety.

Natural Cotton Insulation: the Green Advantage

UltraTouch continues its unique make-up by offering environmental advantages with which everyday insulation simply cannot compete. Natural cotton fiber insulation is 100% recyclable and 100% post-industrial, ensuring the highest quality. Comprised almost entirely of denim and cotton fibers, users can be assured of its natural as well as healthful composition. UltraTouch cotton insulation contains no harmful formaldehyde and zero harmful VOC’s, creating no out-gassing concerns. The organic nature of the components also requires minimal energy to manufacture, reducing pollution as well as energy consumption.

This Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation is eligible for a Federal Tax Credit per the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and is LEED credit eligible.