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Solatube Solar Star Solar-Powered Attic Fan

Solatube Solar Star Attic FanFrom the company that brought you Solatube daylighting systems, comes the Solatube Solar Star Solar-Powered attic fans, the first roof mount attic fan with the ability to circulate and ventilate attic space at no cost to the owner, using the power of the sun. Using advanced technology to draw out hot air and moisture from attic spaces, Solar Star then discharges it to the exterior, protecting insulation from moisture and fighting mold and fungal decay in your home.

The simple and efficient Solatube Solar Star system performs double duty to suppress heat build-up and battle moisture. By venting hot air to the exterior, the solar-powered attic fan reduces air conditioning costs, as well as preventing ice damming in areas prone to heavy snow. At the same time, the ventilation fans control humidity levels caused by everyday activities, drawing the moisture out and reducing condensation as well as heating costs.

Find the Right Fit: Mounting Options for Your Solatube Solar Star Attic Fan

Solar Star roof mount vents are available in three designs to suit your needs: low profile, pitched and high profile. The sleek, unobtrusive low profile option is appropriate for most roof applications, and blends effortlessly into your home. The pitched mount is a useful alternative for north-facing roofs that require improved sun exposure, while the raised, high profile mount vent with its discreet and aerodynamic design, is perfect for locations where heavy snowfall is the norm.

Find the Facts: Understanding the Solar Ventilation System

The Solar Star Solar-Powered Attic Fan comes fully assembled and installs easily in less than 30 minutes. Comprised of four main parts, the attic ventilation system works simply and efficiently. At the core of the product is the Solar Star photovoltaic solar panel. Highly impact resistant, the panel protects against hail, wind and damage from foreign objects, while providing highly reliable output.

The attached Solar Star motor is whisper quiet, long lasting and high performance, featuring brushless, double-shielded ball bearings and 1 to 38 volt direct current operation.

The lightweight 5-blade attic fan features a polymeric housing, reducing motor resistance for increased performance and reliability. Designed for high CFM output and low noise, the canted blade increases airflow and resists corrosion.

Finally, the housing and flashing systems feature black powder-coated steel housings and a non-corrosive polymeric ventilation screen. The seamless one-piece steel flashings ensure fast, hassle-free installation on virtually any type of roof and pitch.

Find the Right Extras: Roof Vent Conversion Kits & Panels

The new Solar Star Conversion Kit allows homeowners to quickly transform any existing roof vent into an eco-friendly solar-powered vent. The addition of the solar attic fan not only reduces attic heat and moisture, but it also boosts the performance of passive vents already installed. With the only requirement being a sunny roof location, the attractive solar-powered system replaces energy consuming, noisy electrical vents with quiet, solar-powered technology.

Another innovative solution to maximize the operational time of your Solar Star attic fan is the addition of an add-on solar panel. Most useful if continuous sun exposure is limited on your rooftop, the environmentally friendly and wallet conscious panel is ideal for areas with shadowing or roofs facing east/west. The “plug and play” technology of the panel makes for an easy hook-up to the existing roof mount vent, while its polymeric housing shares the same high performance, weather-proofed exterior featured throughout the attic fan.

Beginning in 2010, the Solatube Solar Star offers an optional Thermal Switch for all Solar Star Attic Fan models. Solatube international promotes the continuous ventilation of attic spaces for the best results in all climates, however some homeowners prefer to switch off the fan during winter months and in cooler temperatures. The new thermal switch makes this possible, installing easily and providing an easy-access on/off switch.  With the switch installed, the attic fan turns on when the attic temperature reaches 85 degrees and turns off when attic temperatures drop below 65 degrees, or when the sun goes down. A special introductory price is available through February 15, 2010, so hurry and get it on the early-bird special

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