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Breathe Easy with Marmoleum Natural Flooring Systems

Discover Healthy, Hygienic & Natural Flooring

In a unique marriage of limitless styles and colors with the healthy and environmental beauty of completely natural materials, Forbo presents Marmoleum Flooring Systems. This versatile linoleum floor covering features 100% natural components, along with health benefits never before seen in a flooring product.

Discover the Natural Variety of Marmoleum

Marmoleum flooring systems come in several options and colors, giving you the freedom to create an indoor living environment that is unique to your style and home needs. Marmoleum is available in sheet, tile and click tile applications in an array of unique colors. The sheet style is available in over 120 colors, the tile is available in 30, and the click tile in 24. Marmoleum MCT Tile is a slightly thinner variety available for less delicate areas.

Discover What Your Floors Are Made Of

Marmoleum linoleum flooring is composed of only 5 ingredients: linseed oil, pine rosin, wood flour, pigments and jute fibers. Each of these naturally occurring elements contribute to the unique durability and hygienic nature of Marmoleum.

Linseed is extracted from flax seeds, which are in abundant supply, and contribute to the durable and anti-static properties of Marmoleum. The second ingredient, pine rosin, combines with the linseed oil to produce the flexible binder and adhesive. The use of wood flour carries a recycled nature as it is obtained through lumber waste (sawdust) and from forests where every fallen tree is replaced. The stunning pigments used in Marmoleum are environmentally responsible and produce deep, vibrant color. The final ingredient of jute fiber creates the backing of Marmoleum flooring. These fibers are woven together tightly, contributing to the quiet nature of the floors.

Discover the Healthful Benefits of Marmoleum Flooring

Forbo’s Marmoleum flooring systems have health weaved into every sheet and tile. The natural flooring features anti-bacterial qualities that fight common allergies, repel dust and dirt and stop micro-organisms from living or breeding on its surface. Marmoleum flooring is guaranteed VOC, lead, HBN PBV & chlorine-free. It also holds the distinction of being the first floor covering to be certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation. Those prone to allergies or with other health conditions creating chemically-sensitive conditions can rest assured that Marmoleum flooring systems are working to keep them healthy.

Maintenance of your Marmoleum flooring is easy and hygienic as well. The application of Topshield creates a strong, durable and protective top layer that is easy to clean. The water-based finish ensures your floor will have a highly effective shield against dirt and pesky scuff marks. Topshield keeps colors rich, sharp and striking while maintaining the inherent health benefits within the floor covering.

Forbo Marmoleum flooring also features the natural phenomenon of ambering. This process, which leaves a thin yellowish cast on the surface of the product, is caused by the oxidation of linseed oil, the most prominent ingredient found in Marmoleum. The linseed oil hardens over the passage of time, making your linoleum more durable, static-resistant and easy to clean. The continuous oxidation of the oils prevents micro-organisms from living or breeding on your Marmoleum for the life of the product. The slight yellow tint will fade from the flooring as it is exposed to light, but the beneficial features it brings will not.


Breathe Easy with Marmoleum Natural Flooring Systems