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Customer Reviews

TC Homeowner Finds Match with Eco-Building Products

While Eco-Building Products have made a difference in homes coast to coast and around the world, local homes in Traverse City, Mich. have also felt the benefits of our earth-friendly products.

Eco-Building Products and Harmony Home Construction customer Janet Fleshman utilized several products in her Traverse City home, including American Clay natural earth plasters and American Pride paints. 

Using American Clay plaster in the laundry room, where moisture can be a major issue, Fleshman quickly noticed the superiority of American Clay over the average plaster. Instead of regular drywall, which absorbs water, causing it to crack and require refinishing, Fleshman’s earth plaster resists splashes and has maintained the natural finish from application to the present.

“I’ve had the American Clay in my laundry area for a year and it still looks as nice as the day it went up,” Fleshman said.

As well as the earth plaster, Janet utilized Eco-Building Products for her painting needs with the purchase of American Pride Paints.

Not only did she find the paint to be exceptional, spreading nicely and covering well, but the customer service at Eco-Building Products was cooperative and made her requests, no matter how difficult, a possibility.

“The company was able to match any color I needed, even from ancient fan ducts.”

This durability and flexibility of product and people make Eco-Building Products a satisfying alternative for your home and building needs.