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American Clay Plaster: Making Your Life Beautiful. Naturally.

Creativity and health converge with American Clay Earth Plasters, offering earth-friendly solutions for the beauty and sustainability of your walls. Perfect for both new and historic buildings, American Clay natural clay plasters are a versatile substitute to common cement, acrylic, and lime plasters.

The unique and user-friendly composition of American Clay plaster eliminates waste while offering you freedom in application. Even after the plaster has been mixed and dried, any excess can be broken up and rehydrated for future projects or touch-ups.

Natural Clay Plaster: Negative Ions & Health

The true advantage of American Clay Earth Plaster is the significant health benefits inherent in natural clay. The dense molecular structure and shape of the clay give your walls the ability to “breathe,” sending good-for-you negative ions into the air to offset the electromagnetic effect given off by the computers, appliances and synthetic plastics in your home. These negative ions are important to human life for their ability to utilize oxygen, which elevates energy and feelings of well-being, while alleviating stress and depression. The “breathing” nature of American Clay stands alone among competitors currently on the market.

American Clay Earth Plaster is also an excellent choice for chemically or allergy sensitive individuals. The negative ions eliminate static, clumping particles together in the air and keeping the walls clear of dust. The non-toxic, natural clay plaster also helps to filter pollen and dander, making American Clay a perfect alternative for individuals with allergies and other respiratory conditions.

Natural Earth Plaster: Styles & Colors

American Clay offers a range of styles and colors to suit any taste, bringing the textures of nature into your home. Along with the 43 standard colors available, American Clay can match almost any color sample imaginable. Both UV- and fade-resistant, each 50 lb bucket or bag comes complete with a pre-measured color pack to mix-in by hand.

Each of the 4 styles: Loma, Porcelina, Marittimo, & Enjarre offer a unique perspective of nature for your interior spaces. American Clay Loma plaster evokes a rustic style with suede-like, matte finishes. Made from reclaimed marble, sand and clay, Loma is the easiest plaster to apply, with a 50 lb bag covering 180-220 square feet per coat.

The American Clay Porcelina finish is marble-smooth, creating a silky, polished sheen that echoes Venetian plaster. The most frequent choice for formal interiors, a 50 lb bag covers 300-350 square feet per coat.

American Clay’s most durable earth plaster is the Marittimo style. Using recycled, crushed shells from the US Gulf Coast, Marittimo is highly textured with facets of luminescence throughout. A 50 lb bag applied in a single coat covers 160-180 square feet.

The newest addition to the American Clay earth plaster family is the Enjarre style, featuring a rugged, earthy finish for interior spaces. The composition allows for a single-coat application, offering affordability for large-scale projects. Enjarre is also a flexible plaster, with its first coat able to be updated later with any of the premier American Clay plaster styles. An 80 lb bag applied in a single coat covers 150-180 square feet.

American Clay earth plasters also offer all the accessories necessary to apply your own plaster. Featuring their own mud glue, add-mix and trowels as well as sanded primer and sealers, American Clay will supply you with the tools you need to finish the job.