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Why Natural Insulation is Healthier for you and for the Environment

We have been selling natural insulation for over 12 years, and most of our customers purchase sheep wool insulation (or sometimes cotton or hemp insulation) because of concerns for personal health or for the environment.  One of the main considerations in determining which building products we offer is whether a particular product offers an improvement in Indoor Air Quality over conventional and widely available building products, and this is definitely true of our insulation products:

Black Mountain Sheep Wool Insulation Rolls

There are currently concerns about the potential health issues associated with non-natural insulation products.  Read here about concerns with Fiberglass and Mineral/Rock Wool.

In addition to Indoor Air Quality, many people are concerned about impacts on outdoor air quality, and environmental concerns in general.  The manufacture of Sheep Wool Insulation uses about 15% of the energy required to manufacture Fiberglass or Mineral Wool.  Click here for a podcast about the concerns within one community over siting a Mineral Wool Factory across the street from an elementary school.

Oregon Shepherd Loose Sheep Wool Insulation