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Home repair calls for all kinds of smelly adhesives, removers, and polishes. Not only can these materials be a little offensive to the nose, they can actually be harmful to the environment and to the air quality in your home. Americans typically spend 90% of their time indoors, where the concentrations of some pollutants are often two to five times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. Here are some common chemical materials you might be using to shape up your home and how you can replace them to ‘green your routine’. Note: Please responsibly dispose of unused household chemicals, preferably at a well-equipped local recycling center!


When you’re laying down shiny new flooring, you might not think too much about the adhesive you’re using until your eyes start watering from the fumes. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, can be released from adhesives and paints used in your home for years. Look specifically for a solvent free adhesive or low VOC sealants and adhesives when a sealant or adhesive is necessary in your home project.

Paint Remover

Many people have already heard the warnings about using low VOC and non-toxic paints in their homes, but how much do you really consider paint remover? Paint removal can be an intense project. If you’re already dealing with old or potentially toxic paint on fixtures in your home, why not be extra careful and choose a safe paint removal product? Similar to choosing a solvent free adhesive, opt for a low-solvent or solvent free paint remover when possible. Rest assured that the environment, and your family’s lungs, will thank you.

Wood Finishes

You’ve carefully removed the paint from an antique wood table with a low-solvent paint remover. Now, how are you going to seal and protect that beautiful antique wood? With any old wood finish? Yes, there are fantastic greener options for non toxic furniture finishes or non toxic wood sealers.

The bottom line when transitioning to greener liquids used in home upkeep is researching what legitimate brands you would like to support. At Eco-Building Products, we’ve done much of that research for you. We carry brands such as AFM Safecoat, ChemLink, and Forbo that strive to create solvent-free, environmentally conscious tools for your home improvement needs.