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How Marmoleum Flooring Can Help Your Home

If you’re thinking about installing eco friendly wood floors in your home, look no further than Marmoleum flooring. Marmoleum, or Forbo’s Marmoleum flooring, is created using wood flour, pine rosin, and linseed oils to create a beautiful, environmentally friendly wood floor perfect for your kids and pets. Here are all the benefits of including Marmoleum in your home.

1. It’s environmentally friendly

Because Marmoleum is made from pine rosins and wood flour materials, this makes it a sustainable, environmentally friendly wood floor option for the eco friendly household. It’s also 100% degradable but can still last at least 50 years in your home. This durable, hard flooring material also clicks together easily, resulting in no noxious fumes from adhesives. This especially important for people that are sensitive to pollutants; these individuals — such as older folks, children, and those with autoimmune issues — usually spend more time inside. This type of flooring reduces the amount of potentially harmful pollutants in your home.

2. It offers a lot of variety for the cost

One of the best advantages of Marmoleum flooring is the versatility associated with the linoleum. It can come in tiles or sheets, making it easy for installation, and comes in a range of colors, brightnesses, and styles to go with any style of room.

Though Marmoleum may be a little more pricey than traditional linoleum flooring options, it usually settles between $2.50 to $4.75 per square foot. For all the different styles and cuts available, this makes it a pretty affordable option for all the benefits associated with the floor.

3. It’s antimicrobial

Remember those individuals who might be sensitive to adhesive fumes? These same individuals will love Marmoleum flooring for its naturally occurring antimicrobial properties. This makes it a wonderfully hygienic option for any household that might have immune issues and any sensitivity to illness or allergies. Additionally, the surface of Marmoleum is easy to clean with a special cleaning solution provided by your manufacturer.

4. It’s heat resistant

Marmoleum tile flooring is perfect for kitchens because it’s antimicrobial and is heat resistant. You don’t need to worry about damaging or melting your floors if you drop hot utensils. 

The advantages of Marmoleum click flooring is seemingly endless. Before you replace your home’s flooring, consider investing in eco friendly Marmoleum tiles options.