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Water Conservation with Waterless Urinals

Waterless! Really!

The world is changing and we all are by now aware of the precarious potable water situation around the world and the US. This past summer almost half of all States were in drought conditions. And not the Western States as we may think, but the Midwest and many east Coast States. The reduction of potable water availability not only carries with it reduced use but higher costs. We have seen water and sewer rates over the past 10 years increase per year in higher percentages than energy. To it add that it takes vast amounts of energy to move our water to our faucets and toilets.

What to do? Water efficiency and water conservation are two of the quickest and most economical ways to keep the water resources we have and to minimize cost increases for the future.

One product that has the best and most efficient way to preserve water resources are Waterless urinals. They have been around and installed nationwide as well as internationally since 1991. Plus they are almost too simple in the sense that they convert current flush urinals easy, are simple to maintain and save in commercial facilities between 30,000 to 45,000 gallons of potable water per urinal per year. To it add the waste water savings which are very costy.

How do they work: simple again! Gravity makes the urine flow from the bowl towards the regular drain line. On the way there the urine enters the EcoTrap, the trap to the fixture to avoid sewer gases. In the EcoTrap resides BlueSeal, a liquid lighter than urine and it floats on top in the EcoTrap. Once the urine from the bowl goes through the BlueSeal in the EcoTrap, it is closed off to the room atmoshere. Therefore you have awaterless and odorless system. As long as BlueSeal is in the EcoTrap,there are no odors. BleuSeal is biodegradable and also does not evaporate. It is carried out in minute traces with use and is then simply replenished. The cost of the urinal is less than a flushed urinal, the cost of BlueSeal and the EcoTrap per year less than a flushed urinal’s water sue and maintenance. Add to it that no mechanical parts need to be replaced or can be vandalised, you have an almost perfect simple system that carries our water resources into the future.