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Call us: 231-399-0700
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Inside Sales Representative - Job Opening

Inside Sales Representative Job Description

Expectations and Responsibilities

This is a 30-40 hour per week position. Candidates should possess intermediate-to-advanced computer skills and an interest in helping our customers select earth friendly and sustainable products for their homes and businesses. He or she may have to juggle and manage a number of daily responsibilities and tasks, from processing online orders to taking orders over the phone to researching and answering customer inquiries as well as purchasing from vendors regularly. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • On-Line Store Sales Fulfillment
  • Telephone Customer Service and Sales
  • Receiving, Packaging, Handling, Stocking and Shipping
  • Point of Sales Operation
  • Vendor Interaction
  • Inventory Management
  • End of Day Booking and Reconciliation
  • Contractor Support, Relations and Sales
  • Website Maintenance and Updating


You are expected to be organized, sharp, swift and friendly. You will actively participate in quarterly one-on-one performance evaluations with owner as well as company wide-meetings that discuss daily operations, individual and company successes and failures, as well as providing input regarding long-and-short term growth strategies.

Compensation Package

Rate of Pay
Your hourly rate of pay will start at $10 with opportunities to increase that rate as your skills develop and performance improves.

Snap Bonus
Each time a sales transaction is completed a $5 snap bonus will be awarded for processing that order in its entirety. This typically adds anywhere from from $125 to $250 to each pay period.

Net-Profit Share

You are eligible to share in 10% of Eco-Building Products’ net profits with other employees after 18 months of employment.


  • Meal Plan: Each shift you work you are eligible for a free meal from Elberto’s, an Eco-Building Products sister company (seasonal).
  • Discount plan: You are permitted to purchase any and all products from Eco-Building Products at a 20% discount from retail price, assuming that the product price is set at full Profit Margin. (The discount can not be applied to a sale price.)

About Eco-Building Products

Located at the base of the Elberta Dunes and the mouth of the Betsie River, Eco-Building Products (EBPs) operates an internet base retail store selling earth friendly building products and systems. With its website operating 24/7, EBPs’ staff works Monday thru Friday providing its employees ample time to relax and enjoy the northern Michigan lifestyle that so many of us greatly appreciate.

EBPs started up in a pull barn on the west side of Traverse City in March, 2006. It struggled through the recession but made it through, unlike many of its peers during that time. It was awarded The Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center’s Business of the Year for Northwest Lower Michigan in 2011. Today EBPs represents well established,high performance, environmentally friendly building products. It operates smoothly and simply in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Come visit us!

Please send resume and cover letter to:
Eco-Building Products
P.O. Box 152
Elberta, MI 49628

or email to: [email protected]