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Forbo Marmoleum inspires Creativity and Colorful Design

Beautiful colors and textures found in nature have inspired Forbo to develop a variety of color choices that inspire a fresh design for your home. Unique appearances are achieved through the combination of multiple colors to create a single color way. Shades that appear soft and muted are achieved by mixing three or four complimentary colors, while bolder contrasting shades combine seven or eight contrasting colors to a achieve a deeper and more heavily marbled visual. From soft and muted to bold and vibrant and anywhere in between, Marmoleum has a shade for you!Forbo Marmoleum inspires with quality . . .

Marmoleum is a high quality product and the ideal flooring for any room in your house, from the hallway, kitchen and children’s rooms, where traffic is likely to be heaviest, to the living room, study or bedroom. And because of the natural ingredients found in Marmoleum, the product continues to harden and become more durable over time.

Because Marmoleum is a natural product like wood, it makes your house snug and warm and is always comfortable under foot. It reaches room temperature quickly and can even be used with radiant floor heating. Marmoleum is a stylish investment that will create a better environment in our home.

Installation . . .

Forbo trains professional flooring contractors to install their system. In many cases, it is highly recommended that you hire a Forbo certified contractor to install tile and sheet goods, in particular. Installing according to manufacturer’s procedure is required to ensure warranty.

Indoor air quality . . .

The Marmoleum Click tile’s inherent anti-static properties repel dust and dirt making it easier to clean, reduce exposure to allergens and contribute to improved indoor air quality. It is the first flooring product to be certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America! Marmoleum Click Tiles are made from only natural ingredients and offer the most comprehensive choice in color and design variety in its category.

Marmoleum Click Tiles Designed for Easy Installation . . .

Marmoleum Click Tiles were designed to make installation easy for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers. Required tools are limited to just a hammer, a straight back hand saw, tape measure, pencil, tapping block, angle or adjustable bevel and jigsaw and are installed without any need for glue.

Because the material expands and contract in temperature changes, you must leave 3/8” gap along the edge of the floor. After installation of the last panel, base or quarter round molding is installed to cover the expansion joints all around the room. The floor can be walked on immediately after installation.

Maintenance and Cleaning . . .

Your Marmoleum floor is designed to last for many years. It carries a 25 year limited warranty if properly installed in residential settings. With a little care and attention it will stay looking good through out its life.

Your floor takes more punishment than almost any other furnishing in your home and Forbo has designed a finish and a cleaner especially for your Marmoleum floor. These will make cleaning easier and enhance the richness of the colors

Sweeping/dust mopping or vacuuming is likely to be the most frequent procedure. If the floor is muddy it can be cleaned with a damp mop, making sure the dirt is rinsed out of the mop and not spread back on the floor. If the soiling is tenacious, use Marmoleum Floor Cleaner as previously instructed in restorative care. After several such applications, you may wish to apply one or more additional thin coats of Marmoleum Floor Finish to restore the gloss level. Do not over apply finish over areas which are not walked on (such as wall base) as this just causes unnecessary build-up of polish. The need to apply finish may vary dramatically from perhaps every couple of months to annually, depending on the degree of usage or other circumstances.

Forbo Marmoleum Inspires Creativity and Colorful Design: written by James “bad news” Barnes 2008

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