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Spotlight on ‘Yoga for Health Education’

Health is priceless. And for Michael & Libby Robold, learning to appreciate the life surrounding them is a foundation for their personal and business lives.

The Robold’s overlapped their need for tranquility and healing from their home to their business, where Yoga for Health Education, located at the Village Center on the old State Hospital Grounds in Traverse City, was formed in January 2002.

“Yoga is about movement and using breathing to emphasize and become aware of the senses,” said Michael Robold, co-owner with his wife of Yoga for Health Education.

With this idea in mind, the Robold’s utilized eco-friendly paints in both their home and place of business to eliminate the off-set of harmful gasses.

The choice of eco-friendly products adds to the idea of healing through nature, in a setting away from distraction and congestion.

Within their home, the Robold’s have also made health-conscious, green decisions with water conservation, flooring and paint.

“Along with Caroma Duel-Flush Toilets, we also had Marmoleum flooring installed in our bedroom and living room last October,” said Robold. “And the whole house has been repainted so it doesn’t give off harmful gasses.”

These steps, as much about the health of the home’s inhabitants, are an example of the lifestyle of learning and evolving they promote: each one of us makes a difference.

“The people at Eco-Building Products, and companies like them live consciously of others,” said Robold. “They know that we’re all working together. It’s not about making lots of money, it’s about living the way you know is the right way to live.”

Yoga for Health Education’s ideals of educating and expanding yourself to consider your environment go hand-in-hand with the goals of Eco-Building Products.

“What you put in, on and around your body will affect your overall health,” said Robold. “We want to achieve the notion that what we leave behind is better than what we have now.”