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ECOsurfaces Recycled Rubber Flooring

Groovy. Global. Green.

Pairing the harmony of recycled materials with the necessity of warm, comfortable flooring material, ECORE presents ECOsurfaces recycled rubber flooring, an environmentally savvy and resilient solution for commercial and residential buildings.

ECOsurfaces rubber floor coverings feature 100% post-consumer salvaged tire materials combined with environmentally responsible, UV-resistant EPDM color flecks, creating a wide array of color options to accent and create a flooring pattern unique to any style and location.

Explore ECOsurfaces Lines & Products

ECOsurfaces offer a fashionable selection of patterns and customizable colors, providing the consumer with the materials necessary to make a unique design statement. The “tough-as-tires” construction also ensures long-lasting flooring performance, whether in a commercial or residential setting. Your design vision is almost limitless, with versatile sheets and tiles available, which are flexible by nature, with the ability to easily create free-form shapes, logos, or symbols. To top it all off, the ECOsurfaces lines were created to work together to inspire complimentary visuals and mind-blowing mixes when combined with hardwood and carpet flooring.

ECOsurfaces collections are arranged to compliment moods and styles, ranging from lively and fresh to dark and dramatic. The ECOsand line features a smooth, sleek, finely-scaled texture designed to coordinate and balance interior finishes. ECOearth pulls inspiration from nature, working as accents and neutral tones in colors like Mountain Majesty, Cinnamon Toast & Appletini. The ECOstone line creates an elegant, fine marble appearance accented with subtle golds and greys. Shades like Rollin’ Stone, Sharin Stone & Stone Cold Fox also do their part to add a little fun to your floors. ECOrocks takes on the design elements of polished terrazzo, naturally inspiring with neutrals that blend effortlessly into today’s global design materials. And finally, the ECOnights line is available, creating a dramatic blacklight effect that’s “freaky and fun and altogether cool” for areas where a bold statement is a must.

Take Recycled Rubber Flooring to the Max

In the spirit of meeting the unique needs of the consumer, ECOsurfaces features rubber flooring above and beyond the typical call of duty. Built into the popular ECOnights line, ECOsurfaces seeks to protect sensitive equipment from electrostatic discharge with the ESD line, available in 13 functional color choices. The ECOnights line also features a specialty line meant specifically for sport, cushioning indoor sports activities and high impact areas while providing slip, blade and spike resistance.

Looking to improve rooftops, patios, pool hangouts and other outdoor areas? ECOmax modular tiles were created for durability both indoors and outdoors, with protection from slushy, moisture-rich areas. Along with excellent drainage and slip-resistance, ECOmax provides continuous underfoot comfort and support, making it ideal in home weight rooms and workout areas as well. ECOmax can be designed using a choice of 2 thicknesses and 16 colors.

If comfort is a concern in your commercial or residential setting, ECOsurfaces features several underlayment options to bolster the comfort and quality of your recycled rubber flooring. The ECOcomfort underlayment is an ergonomic layer featuring Comfort Cell technology to provide resilience, cushioning and support that will last for years and years. The ECOsilence underlayment provides the peace and quiet you need in a resilient, easy to install padding. ECOsilence can be used in conjunction with any ECOsurface, vinyl, ceramic tile, hardwood, or any hard surface, allowing you to experience the sound of silence with a variety of floor coverings. Available in 4 and 9 mm thicknesses, ECOsilence underlayment requires no concrete topping.

Made specifically to preserve the beauty and look of your recycled rubber flooring, ECOsurfaces created ECOguard, a factory-applied finish that protects the floor against scuff marks and dirt, significantly reducing initial as well as ongoing maintenance and cleaning costs. ECOguard’s water-based system proudly meets the most stringent Indoor Air Quality standards, protecting the life and health of creatures big and small.

Eco-Impact of Recycled Rubber Flooring

Each year, ECORE recycles over 80 million pounds of scrap tire to produce EcoSurfaces recycled rubber products, making them the largest user of scrap tire rubber in the United States. The recycling of these tires saves over 1 million barrels of oil a year! And with one 36” car tire creating 20 square feet of flooring, the impact is substantial!

ECORE is an active member of the US Green Building Council and is committed to green practices in the production and quality of products. Installation of ECOsurfaces rubber flooring can potentially contribute up to 7 points toward LEED certification for building projects.