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EcoStar: Timeless Roofing for your Green Lifestyle

No Trees Were Harmed in the Making of this Roof

Top off your eco-friendly lifestyle with the addition of EcoStar roofing tiles. As the leading manufacturer of sustainable, environmentally friendly steep-slope roofing products, residents can rest assured that what’s overhead isn’t putting a drain on the environment. EcoStar strives to preserve the world’s valuable natural resources, allowing no trees to be leveled and no stone to be quarried in the creation of their tiles.

EcoStar roofing is manufactured using rubber and plastic polymer technology. Made from 80% recycled materials, including car bumpers and baby diaper production waste, the result is a highly flexible, sustainable and durable product. But the environmental benefits are merely the beginning.

The tiles produced by EcoStar are a unique marriage of enhanced technology and exquisite aesthetic appeal, without compromising durability or style along the way. This eco-friendly alternative to the popular and traditional slate and shake products is available in 9 colors, and 5 styles to suit all tastes, from the most modern to the most nuanced.

Green Roofing Systems: Styles & Shapes to Suit Any Taste

The traditional Majestic Slate is a lightweight alternative to traditional slate roofing products at nearly half the weight of slate. Yet this 80% post-industrial recycled rubber and plastic tile holds up like a champ, featuring enhanced resistance to harsh weather conditions. The traditional tile is available in convenient 10” and 12” sizes, in the earthy, roof-worthy colors of stone red, earth green, chestnut brown, cedar brown, mountain plum, smoke gray, midnight gray and black.

For the homeowner or business seeking to bring style and sophistication to their rooftops, EcoStar has created the Designer Series, featuring 3 unique shapes: beaver tail, beveled and chisel point tiles. By themselves or in combination, these shapes provide a unique architectural profile for those with elevated style in mind. The Designer Series is also available in the 9 EcoStar colors listed above.

The final style manufactured by EcoStar is the Seneca Cedar Shake Tile, and Seneca Plus. Manufactured with improved performance, protection and durability over natural cedar shake, the Cedar Shake boasts a Class 4 impact resistance, and a 50-year gold star warranty. Unlike traditional wood, the Seneca tiles offer architectural opportunities for virtually any roofing system. Shake tiles are available in various sizes and thicknesses, in the 9 EcoStar colors, to suit the needs of the consumer. And as an added bonus, no trees are cut to create any piece of the tiles.

EcoStar’s “Gold Star” Accessories

Along with the variety of the roofing tiles, EcoStar features a line of Gold Star Accessories that pair effortlessly to create a lasting, eco-friendly roofing system for your home.

Underlayments include Glacier Guard & Aqua Guard, which provide superior protection for building interiors. The Glacier Guard is a self-adhering membrane available in smooth surface, high-temp smooth surface and granular surface. The underlayment offers enhanced protection against moisture penetration from wind-driven rain and water backup caused by ice dams. The Aqua Guard underlayment is a stronger and lighter alternative to the traditional felt underlayment. It protects against tearing and exposure to the elements and will not crack or dry in extreme temperatures. This skid-resistant, cost-effective underlayment is made of a combination of polyethylene and polypropylene, and is easily installed.

Another popular accessory to promote the long life of your EcoStar roof is the EcoVent. This breathable barrier is made to stand up to virtually every weather condition. The continuous tile-over ridge vent efficiently prevents moisture build-up in the attic space, reducing cooling costs and extending the life of the roof. As the industry’s lightest rolled ridge vent, EcoVent is easy to handle, install and use, and provides superior cosmetic appearance versus fans and other venting systems. The EcoVent comes standard with specialized roofing nails, creating nearly invisible protection.

For the harshest of weather locations, EcoStar created Snow Guards, to provide supreme protection from heavy snows. Along with easy installation and seamless aesthetic appearance, the guards are available in 3 decorative copper styles, or as a color-coated aluminum made to match any of the 9 tile colors offered by EcoStar. The Snow Guards can be used in conjunction with all EcoStar roof systems, no matter the style.

EcoStar covers the basics as well for the best quality installation possible. EcoStar Tile Tape adheres tiles, sealing penetrations and flashing details. They provide excellent adhesion with long-term performance and great wind resistance. When used in conjunction with metal flashing details, EcoStar Tile Tape can significantly increase water resistance on your roof. The tape is easily complimented with EcoStar fasteners. These stainless steel fasteners provide superior strength and resistance to corrosion, staining, leakage, and other eyesores homeowners like to avoid on their rooftops. Available in various lengths upon request, the fasteners come in coil smooth shank, hand drive smooth shank, and ring shank designs.

The final and newest additions to EcoStar’s line of accessories are NOVA Walkway Pads. These 100% recycled rubber and plastic, interlocking pads, create a safe walkway system which allows free-flow of liquids and stops water from ponding. The pads are simple to install, and increase resistance to water, oils and chemicals, offering maximum product life along the way.

Need More Info on Recycled Tiles & Green Roofing?

To handle EcoStar tile products in-person, or to discover the roofing accessories that are a match to your home and environment, visit the showroom at Eco-Building Products at 130 Hall St., Traverse City, Mich., 49684.