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The Toxic Air We  Breath – Just How Dangerous is our Indoor Air?

Since the end of World War II, conventional building practices and product selections have proven to be unsafe for both the builder and the occupant of the building. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies have shown that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is 2-5 times worse than the outdoor air quality in a newly constructed home. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) cause acute and chronic illnesses. Acute problems like eye, nose, throat irritations and headaches are caused by these compounds. VOCs can also cause birth defects, chronic illnesses such as kidney and liver failure, central nervous system damage and even cancer.

In recent years, we have come to recognize that many conventional building materials have high VOC content. Installation of conventional building materials causes off gassing of potent VOCs. Even after these products have been installed, they may continue to off gas toxins into living and working spaces in less noticeable doses. These less noticeable doses have become a significant contributor to “Sick Building Syndrome” according to the EPA.

The Cost vs. The Value

We tend to think that “going green” is costly. We have come to associate a higher cost with safer, greener products and that simply just is not the case anymore. Low-toxic, safer products are so close in price to “conventional” products, that any difference in cost is nominal. But, the added value to your family’s health and well-being is tremendous! As stated above, the quality of the air you breath everyday plays a very large factor in how your body feels. The cost to ensure the low levels of your home’s toxins and VOCs is less than 1% of the cost of your home (specifically in new construction) but the value is less aches and pains and perhaps, more years added to your life.

Eco-Building Products Solution – An Easy Way to a Healthier Building Process

IAQ can be improved through Moisture Control, Pest Management, HVAC Systems, Combustion Ventilation Systems, Radon Control and the appropriate Building Material Selection. Simply specifying high quality, non-toxic building materials will have a significant and long-lasting impact on the quality of your indoor air. Eco-Building Products
represents high performance building materials that earn credits for green building standards, are long-lasting, cost effective and safe to install for the applicator and the occupant.

Select Eco-Building Products to Promote Indoor Air Quality

Upgrade to the Eco-Building Products Indoor Air Quality Package for less than 1% of your total home costs and reduce toxic VOCs by over 90%.

For more information now, call Eco-Building Products directly or email Jim at [email protected] for more guidance on what Indoor Air Quality products and services will best suit your situation.

  • Substantially Reduce VOCs
  • Eliminate 90 lbs of Toxic VOCs*
  • Reduce Sick Building Syndrome
  • Increase LEED Credits
  • Outstanding Marketing Tool
  • Cost Effective
  • High-Quality Products
  • Custom Construction Estimates
  • No CA Proposition 65 Substances (known to cause cancer or birth defects)

*per 1000 sq. ft.