Sprinter Van Conversions

Sprinter Van Conversions

A Sprinter Van Conversion
A Sprinter Van Conversion
A Sprinter Van Conversion

One special specific type of Tiny House is the Sprinter Van Conversion.

We have received many inquiries from people converting their Sprinter Vans into Tiny Homes, mostly regarding natural insulation, so our natural flooring and natural finishes are also a 'natural' fit.

One of our Sprinter Van sheep wool insulation customers shared this article about their conversion experience.

Sprinter Van with Sheep Wool Insulation

Another Sprinter Van converter documented his method for holding the sheep wool insulation in place: Installing Sheep Wool Insulation in Sprinter Van

Finally, if your are in the Pacific Northwest and want someone else to set you up with a completed van, checkout our collaborators at ActionVan, where they "strive to use eco-friendly, low VOC products, and materials whenever possible when building our vehicles. Waste is minimized and recycling is mandatory."

Check back, as we will be adding to this page regularly!

Regarding materials, so far most of our van conversion customers have chosen Black Mountain sheep wool rolls over the Oregon Shepherd loose sheep wool.  We have four sheep wool roll products: two are 14.5" wide and two are 22.5" wide; two are 3.5" thick (R13 = two 1.75" plies) and two are 5.25" thick (R19 = three 1.75" plies).  Many of our customers separate the plies so they can do either 1.75", 3.5", or 5.25" thick/deep in any given space.  Here are the dimensions and coverages for each of our four Black Mountain sheep wool rolls:

Black Mountain Sheep Wool Insulation Rolls - Square footages:
Item Width Thickness Length Sq.Ft. 1.75" Plies total Sq.Ft. at 1.75" Thick
16" R13 14.5" 3.5" 16' 19.33 two 38.67
24" R13 22.5" 3.5" 16' 30 two 60
16" R19 14.5" 5.25" 12' 14.5 three 43.5
24" R19 22.5" 5.25" 12' 22.5 three 67.5