The Solar Cell

The Solar Cell

Welcome to "The Solar Cell", our on-line library and laboratory of tools, information, dreams, and schemes related to harnessing the energy of the Sun.

We created this space we are calling The Solar Cell in response to the growing demand and the improving technology for Solar Energy.  Please contact us if you are not finding what you need, or if you have more specific questions, and by all means, let us know what else you would like to see in The Solar Cell.

In the meantime, enjoy our small but growing collection of images, videos, tools, and other resources, and submit your own for consideration...

Solar Resources

The National Renewable Energy Lab has a collection of Solar Calculators for calculating expected solar energy, solar financing, and payback, among other things.

When shopping for a solar energy system, the shopper will want to consider their past, current, or future electrical needs, and this worksheet can assist with evalutating your load.  While one may buy a system that supplies less than they need or more than they need, determining actual usage offers helpful information for considering the wide 'array' of possibilities available.

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1 thought on “The Solar Cell

  1. Solar is hot! “The cost of solar production has plummeted in recent decades, and since 2010, the number of solar installations worldwide has doubled seven times, according to Bloomberg. At the same time, the number of active oil rigs has fallen precipitously, and several major coal companies have closed their doors in recent months.”

    Read the article from the NREL.

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