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Fall-a-Wool-looza Fall Wool Winterization Sale

Fall is in the air, and here in Michigan we are supposed to expect a cold winter! In fact, the Farmers’ Almanac is calling for a “Snow-Filled & Frigid” winter for the Lake Michigan states, and generally cold east of the RockiesWinter ForecastTime to increase our R-values with natural sheep’s wool insulation, and impede infiltration with zero-VOC caulks!Now thru December 22nd, save on Sheep’s Wool Insulation and other Winterization Products, with Eco-Building Products: Natural Sheep’s Wool Insulation:
  • Healthy! No VOCs, and no gloves or mask required (versus fiberglass)
  • Moderates and handles moisture without compacting (versus others)
  • Less than 15% the embodied energy of conventional insulation
Local?  Come to our free Wool Wednesday Winterization Workshops (Saturdays too)Remote?  Call or email with your home heating and winterization issues and questions!Eco-Building Products 231.399-0700