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Fall-a-Wool-looza Fall Wool Winterization Sale

Fall is in the air, and here in Michigan we are supposed to expect a cold winter! In fact, the Farmers’ Almanac is calling for a “Snow-Filled & Frigid” winter for the Lake Michigan states, and generally cold east of the Rockies Winter Forecast Time to increase our R-values with natural sheep’s wool insulation, and impede infiltration with zero-VOC caulks! Now thru December 22nd, save on Sheep’s Wool Insulation and other Winterization Products, with Eco-Building Products: Natural Sheep’s Wool Insulation:
  • Healthy! No VOCs, and no gloves or mask required (versus fiberglass)
  • Moderates and handles moisture without compacting (versus others)
  • Less than 15% the embodied energy of conventional insulation
Local?  Come to our free Wool Wednesday Winterization Workshops (Saturdays too) Remote?  Call or email with your home heating and winterization issues and questions! Eco-Building Products 231.399-0700