Vermont Natural Coatings Exterior Wood Sealer




Vermont Natural Coatings Penetrating Exterior Wood Sealer

Vermont Natural Coatings Infusion with Juniper Exterior Wood Sealer stabilizes wood from the inside to slow the natural aging process and protect against moisture and mildew. Juniper is nature’s most powerful preservative, so Infusion with Juniper is the ideal primer for decks, siding, docks, fencing and outdoor furniture. Invisible when dry, Infusion with Juniper is the perfect pre-coat for Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey® Exterior Finishes, featuring the power of whey protein.

The System

Apply two coats of Infusion with Juniper Penetrating Wood Sealer to stabilize the wood and then two coats of Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey® Exterior Finish to give the wood a protective barrier.

An Environmentally-Friendly Partnership

Long recognized as nature’s most effective natural preservative, history and folklore are rife with tales of Juniper and its preservation prowess. Vermont Natural Coatings recycles juniper from its neighbors at Caledonia Spirits, which uses pure grain spirits to showcase juniper berry and raw northern honey in its award winning Barr Hill Gin.

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