Natural Cork Flooring from Duro Design, 12″x12″ Glue Down Tiles


Priced by the Square foot

  • Includes 3 coats of water based polyurethane
  • 100% post-industrial recycled content
  • Naturally beautiful texture
  • Absorbs Impact
  • Sound Deadening
  • Minimum order Requirements of at least 50 sq/ft Please call us 231-399-0700 ext. 1 to receive proper shipping costs

DuroDesign cork floors are covered by our 25-year structural and 5-year renewable finish warranty.





DuroDesign Cork Flooring

Cork is the ultimate green flooring material

Cork is a completely renewable resource harvested as bark from living cork trees, never harmed by the harvest. This cork flooring is composed of 100% post-industrial recycled content from wine-stopper production. Cork trees store carbon in order to regenerate their bark, and a harvested cork tree absorbs up to five times more than one that isn’t. Comprised of millions of air-filled cells, corks absorbs sound, impact, stays warm and always remains resilient.

DuroDesign makes two types of cork flooring

DuroDesign offers cork flooring in 54 colors and six patterns for an incredible selection. DuroDesign cork floors are available in either glue-down cork tiles or click-together floating floor planks. DuroDesign cork tile flooring is installed in much the same way as vinyl or resilient flooring over smooth concrete or plywood. DuroDesign floating cork floors may be installed directly over an existing floor, concrete slabs or construction-grade plywood.

DuroDesign produces beautiful cork flooring

DuroDesign achieves clear and crisp colors for their cork flooring with only the best quality pigments to preserve its naturally beautiful texture. DuroDesign cork floors are finished with Duro’s MP765 polyurethane finishing system formulated for the utmost in durability, abrasion resistance, clarity and resilience to provide decades of service to your cork floor. DuroDesign cork floors are covered by a 25-year structural and 5-year renewable finish warranty.

Installation Video

DuroDesign Natural Cork Flooring offers many options

Choose a Tile

Either choose these 12″x12″x 4.5mm Glue-Down Tiles, the 12″x24″ x 4.5mm Glue-Down Tiles, or the 12″x36″ 10,5mm Floating Tiles prefinished.

Choose a Pattern

DuroDesign offers six patterns. The image carousel to the left, above the shopping cart, displays your six pattern options, and the pattern chooser is below it.

Choose a Color

DuroDesign offers 54 colors – click on the “Colors” tab above to view your color options. Then select your color(s) via the color chooser in the shopping cart to the left.



Baltico Pattern - DuroDesign Cork Flooring


3 1/2″ wide blocks laid out in a rectilinear brick pattern. The effect over a span of flooring is akin to a wood parquet floor or a classic travertine floor.

Barriga Pattern - DuroDesign Cork Flooring


A subtly topographic pattern whose relative uniformity shows off beautiful whorling cork textures while retaining a homogeneous feel for the entire floor.

Cleopatra Pattern - DuroDesign Cork Flooring


A dynamic and variegated pattern of that exploits the beautiful organic tapestry of the cork oak’s growth pattern.

Cleopatra Negra Pattern - DuroDesign Cork Flooring

Cleopatra Negra

A more intensely contrasted version of Cleopatra. Its deep black rivulets are dramatic with vivid stains and also very effective with highly saturated stains.

Edipo Pattern - DuroDesign Cork Flooring


A strongly linear pattern made up of 1/2″ wide continuous strips. Highly effective for accentuating linearity or introducing an exciting dynamic element to a space.

Marmol Pattern - DuroDesign Cork Flooring


The most traditional of cork patterns, marmol’s tonal variegations and texture are subtle. It is appropriate where a more subdued floorscape is required or conversely, in designs where the use of color dominates – such as in graphic patterns or mosaics.


Available Colors for DuroDesign Cork Flooring



Build green and achieve LEED® certification

  • LEED® MR Credit 4.1 and 4.2: Recycled Content
  • LEED® MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials
  • LEED® EQ Credit 4: Low-Emitting Materials

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