Applegate Cotton Armor Panels and Baffles


Applegate Cotton Armor Cotton Panels are designed for soundproofing in suspended ceilings, or on walls.

These are also popular in van conversions, skoolies, and RVs as thermal insulation.

Available for pickup at our store in Elberta, Michigan, and delivery to some other Michigan areas including Ann Arbor and Traverse City.

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Excellent for: Exposed wall mounting: home theaters, auditoriums, movie theaters, hallways, etc.

Item Code# 10-3000

2 in x 2 ft x 4 ft : 3-lb density sound panel

Item Code# 10-3002

1 in x 2 ft x 4 ft : 3-lb density sound panel

Type "A"-Mounting Test Results

The test specimen was placed directly against the test surface (floor) of the reverberation room with the absorptive side exposed to the sound field. The perimeter of the sample sealed to the floor with duct tape. The sound absorption test was then re-run. The absorption measurement with the specimen inside the chamber shall be referred to as the full room test.

Overall Size for Type "A"-Mounting Sample:

2.44m by 2.74m (8'x9')
Applegate Cotton Panels Sound Test Results

Applegate Cotton Panels and Baffles

Applegate Cotton Panels Installed on a Wall
Applegate Cotton Panels Sound Test Results
Applegate Cotton Baffles Sound Test Results

Applegate Cotton Sound Panels and Baffles

Acoustical panels and baffles help ensure the clarity of sound by reducing echoes and reverberations in rooms and building enclosures making them good choices for churches, professional studios, gyms, schools, theaters, commercial, industrial and residential buildings in which the ability to clearly hear others is critical.

Applegate Cotton Armor Cotton Insulation Sound Panels
Width Length Thickness Number

Per Case

Price Sale Price


Available for Pick-up in Frankfort, Michigan or Ann Arbor area.
Available for delivery to many other Michigan destinations.
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24” 48” 1" 20 $153.95 $99.95
24” 48” 2" 10 $153.95 $99.95


Additional information

Weight 20
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 1.7 ft
Pickup , Delivery, or Ship

Pickup in Elberta, MI, Call to see if Delivery is available to your Michigan location, Call for a Shipping Quote


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