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Solar Hot Water Solution

Offset 65 Percent of Your Energy Costs
65 percent of the average homes energy is consumed for heating/cooling. Harvesting the sun’s energy for heat is the most efficient use of solar energy.

Vacuum-sealed glass tubes capture the sun’s solar energy converting it directly to hot water for residential and commercial use.
The vacuum tubes release no heat and quickly and efficiently absorb solar energy.

Solar Hot Water Heating with Flat-Plate Panels
Flat plate panel collectors combine square foot efficiency with simplicity of design. The solar hot water panel collector is designed with a traditional look and can easily fit with contemporary building design.

Solar Hot Water Quotes, Estimates, and Shipping
If you are interested in a quote, estimate, or shipping costs on our Solar Thermal please email or call us. We are typically available from 9am – 5pm (EST) Monday – Friday. Please leave a message if no one is available to take your call.

Solar Hot Water Heating Breakdown
Sizing Solar Hot Water Systems Evacuated Tube Array
Sizing your thermal hot water heating system is a very important step. The average person will use 15-30 gallons of hot water each day. Based on these estimates, a 2-person system will typically produce 40-50 gallons of hot water during peak performance. *For specific performance in BTUs produced please see the SRCC rating for each product.

Recommended Solar Hot Water Systems
These recommendations are based upon average hot water use. If you usage is different, please call or email us for recommendations and estimates. Systems are based on peak performance (typically occurring during your summer months).

Two-person solar hot water systems
We recommend either a 20-tube Evacuated Tube Array or a two-panel (4′ x 6’6″ each) flat plate hot water heater.

Three- and four-person solar hot water systems
We recommend a 30- or 40-tube Evacuated Tube Array, or a three-panel (4′ x 6’6″ each) flat plate hot water heating system.

Four or more person solar hot water systems
We recommend a 60-tube Evacuated Tube Array, or a three-panel (4′ x 8′ each) flat plate hot water heating system.

Light Commercial or heat assist solar hot water systems
Our 60-tube or 80-tube Evacuated Tube Array is a performance juggernaut and is highly recommended for heavy-use light commercial applications. Our four-panel (4′ x 8′ each) flat plate collectors combines good performance and a great price. Commercial renewable energy systems have no cap on federal tax rebates. (IRS Renewable Energy Tax Credit Form.)

Also, please see the following website for your State’s Incentive Programs on renewable

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency


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Solar Thermal

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