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Photovoltaic Panels (PV panels) are an essential element to becoming energy independent.  Our Solar Energy systems are reliable, dependable, low maintenance, and cost-effective. We provide solar energy kits, renewable energy installations, and custom designed solar energy systems.

Federal Tax Credits Extended and Improved! The Federal government has extended Federal Tax Credits on Solar Energy Systems for another eight years.  In addition, the cap on home-owner installation has been lifted.  All Solar Energy Installations will be eligible for a 30 percent Tax Credit. 

Solar Panels and Inverters We have put together highly-recommended solar energy kits for your home or business.  We have chosen our solar energy kits based on their high quality modules and inverters.

Grid-Tie System Packages Grid-Tie Systems contain high quality, UL listed components. Every component needed for a successful installation is included in the package. In addition to solar panel modules and inverters, each package includes SolarMount flush PV racks, and necessary hardware and electrical components. The installer supplies the wiring from the solar array to the main panel and lag bolts. Packages also include complete documentation, an installation guide and operation/owner’s manual.

Custom Designed Solar Energy Systems In the name of simplicity and clarity we have boiled down the huge array of solar energy systems to a few kits that will fit 90 percent customer needs.  We are happy to custom design a solar energy system for your specific needs.Please call if you have questions or want a quote.  Or email us at [email protected].

Solar Energy Efficiency Please note, a 200W panel will not necessarily generate 200W even at full capacity. Energy loss in transmission lines and through inverting DC to AC may decrease your systems efficiency.  For more information on how this may affect your system, please call us. Order Online or by the Phone Call anytime to place an order or get an estimate.  We look forward to helping you with your renewable energy system!


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