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Raw Materials/Recycling

We are scavengers at heart and scrappy when it comes to saving resources. We constantly strive to find new and innovative ways to reuse cast off materials. It started over 16 years ago with our neighbors at the factory, they needed a way to dispose of a very fine dust particulate created when making gravel. After much trial and error our Recycled clay body was born.

Since that day we have been on a mission to incorporate as much recycled material as possible into our products while improving quality and durability at the same time. Today our Recycled clay body boasts of over 70% recycled materials, which include post-consumer glass, granite dust, and porcelain from toilets collected to back water conservation efforts in the bay area. Our Glass line is composed of 100% recycled glass from local window and solar panel production industries.

The on-going mission to divert waste from landfills lead us to find a use for CRT or Cathode Ray Tube glass (think your old TV or computer monitor). By crushing and firing CRT glass we are able to create a luminescent glass tile. Spring 2014 will yield the launch of our first 100% post consumer recycled glass tile and we can’t wait!


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