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Shenandoah Plank FSC Reclaimed Antique Flooring by Cochran’s Lumber & Millwork

Cochran’s has been providing a full line of products for the historic restoration and custom home markets for over 30 years. They take great pride in the quality of millwork they produce.

Every board is handled at least ten times throughout the flooring process, ensuring quality control every step of the way. All of the FSC© Certified Reclaimed material sees even more people in the overall process. All materials are first de-nailed by a crew of craftsmen. Material is then re-sawn to necessary thickness, then stacked and prepared for one of the five kilns. The wood is then dried to standard hardwood or softwood kiln-drying schedules, typically 6-9% moisture content. At this point, the material is ripped to size, pre-planed, then pushed through a molder to finished shape and size. Boards are checked against each other and an aluminum flooring template for accuracy, prior to a large run. The flooring boards are then defected according to grade, end-matched (milling the tongue and groove on the board ends), and counted. Your flooring is then bundled by similar widths and prepared for shipment.


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