First Alert

First Alert Test Kits allow you to monitor the safety of your home environment, including indoor air quality and water quality as well as testing for lead.

Most people buy existing homes.   Thus they inherit existing water systems, whether municipal or private well.  First Alert test kits allow you to test your water for some important water quality risks.  Buyers of existing homes also inherit other risks, such as lead, mold, and radon, and we offer First Alert test kits for these risks as well.  Of course, these risks also exist to varying degrees with new homes.

We also offer First Alert test kits for other indoor air quality / safety issues, such as gas leaks and carbon monoxide.

These test kits are a natural fit for folks who are interested in our other products selected for healthy and sustainable living.  For example, many people buy our zero and low-VOC products out of concern for indoor air quality.  Additionally, many people come to us to reduce heat loss in their homes with insulation and by sealing leaks – while increasing comfort and energy savings, this also reduces your air exchanges and increases the importance of testing for radon, CO, gas, and mold.

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