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Passive Solar Design Workshop

The Back to the Basics Workshop Series continues June 5th at 11:00 a.m. at Eco-Building Products, located at 130 Hall St. in the Warehouse District of downtown Traverse City, where attendees will be treated to a discussion about the personal and environmental benefits of passive solar design. The event will feature a presentation as well as question and answer session with Eric Mansuy, AIA Assoc. The graduate architect will aim to explain the impact-lessening, crucial methods of passive solar and integrated design.

Eric Mansuy is no stranger to passive solar design, having studied green design while earning his master’s degree at the University of Michigan. Mansuy has participated in partially-green builds, as well as being a featured lecturer on passive solar design theory at Northwestern Michigan College.

“Solar living is important because it really does bring us back to the basics of living, with as little impact on the planet as possible,” said Mansuy. He holds the solar element of design as crucial if true integrated design is the final goal. Integrated design is a method of building that emphasizes collaboration with the final goal being a holistically developed design.

Mansuy is quick to note that passive solar design is accessible in both large and small applications, and knowledge of the practice is the first step. “Passive solar strategies can be incorporated into almost any new or existing home,” said Mansuy. “With a basic understanding of some elemental concepts, homeowners or potential homeowners, can harness passive solar benefits and start to reap the rewards of solar living.”

Join in on this unique opportunity as Mansuy explains and explores the ins and outs of solar-passive design on site at Eco-Building Products. For more information on the June 5th event or upcoming Back to the Basics Workshops, please go to, or, or call (231) 399-0700.