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Eco-Building Products Launches New Website

The online face of Eco-Building Products received an eye-catching upgrade in June, as EBP partnered with web designer Jon Maue to revamp the store’s presence online. The updated website incorporates expanded features as well as dozens of new products available online through EBP for the first time. With assistance from EBP employees Scott Bouma and Cara Watson, Maue designed a fresh layout while maintaining the northern Michigan style of the company.

Among the goals of Eco-Building Products was to create a space where browsers could find valuable information on products, services and incentive programs in a centralized location. The new layout allows for easy access to each level of information, as well as social networking tools to keep customers in touch with EBP on a daily basis.

“The idea was to expand our product line and increase education on eco-friendly products, all while improving functionality,” said Bouma.

Eco-Building Products Store Front
Eco-Building Products Store-Front

Frequenters of the former website will discover a streamlined and more user-friendly checkout experience as well as a greater depth of information on available products.Maue and owner Jim Barnes implemented these changes in the hopes of broadening the reach of Eco-Building Products on the web as well as in the local area.

In order to improve upon local outreach, the new website features a community section, highlighting free Back to the Basics Workshop Series’ offered monthly to the community as well as local testimonials and several opportunities to join with neighbors, including the newly announced Solar Living Co-Op.