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Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Program (EP3)

History of the  Environmentally Preferred Partnerships

In 1998, President Clinton signed an Executive Order entitled “Greening the Government through Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Federal Acquisition.” The Federal Acquisition Regulation requires governmental agencies to “affirmatively implement” the objective of “obtaining products and services considered to be environmentally preferable.” Effectively this Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Program intended to lower the toxicity level of products used in the maintenance of all Federal government facilities, and to lessen the government’s impact on our environment.

This initiative has brought an environmental conscience to Federal government purchases. Products that have green certifications (e.g. Green Seal, Energy Star) have flourished in this market and now command a growing share of the national and global markets. Today some state governments have mandated that their purchasing departments employ this Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Program.

Many businesses in the private industry have already adopted similar programs, taking a leadership role in environmental stewardship through preferred purchasing programs.

The Eco-Building Products Environmental Partnership

Inspired by the federal government’s Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Program, Eco-Building Products has developed our Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Partnership for those businesses that share our goals and values. We work closely with clients who are committed to purchasing with an environmental conscience. Eco-Building Products is a one-stop shop for green building products.

Every single product and service that we provide has been subjected to a rigid life cycle analysis and performance evaluation. Our Preferred Purchasing Partnership enables businesses and governmental entities to reduce their environmental impact and increase their bottom line by saving money. Combined with reduced energy costs and governmental rebates, our financial incentives will help you to realize your return on investment in a surprisingly short time. Investment in energy efficient and environmentally friendly products can be, on average, 6 percent more expensive than conventional products. Eco-Building Products is committed to offering discounts (reducing our margin to help with your bottom line) and social incentives to make it easier for you to buy green. Green Purchasing Partnership

You or your business will be awarded discounts based upon purchasing thresholds with discounts increasing as new thresholds are met. A partner can also set a particular discount rate by entering into a formal purchasing contract for a six or twelve month term.

Broad Scope Discounts

Eco-Building Products encourages its partners to have a Broad Scope when making all purchasing decisions. In order to make it as practical as possible, we reward our EP3 partners with increased discounts for purchasing products from more than just one or two product categories. Each time you purchase from a new category you are rewarded with an increased discount rate.

Customer Service

Eco-Building Products shall meet and exceed your expectations for customer service. Partners can also expect the following benefits: We will help you find and become eligible for financial incentives offered through both state and federal governments. After you have become eligible for any and all incentive programs, we will help you to determine your Return on Investment. We can help you to find products that meet green building standards. Eco-Building Products will provide you with concrete measurements of CO2, kW hours, BTUs, and VOCs that are offset or are reduced by using our products. We will show you how this will impact the environment and your costs.

Green News Promotions

Eco-Building Products will recognize your business in a professionally written article in its newsletter. We will also promote your business in local publications through press releases detailing the measurable impact of your purchasing commitments and their impact on our environment, economy, and health. As our Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Partner, you will be armed with information to be used as a marketing tool. Information than can then be used to demonstrate your commitment to the environment, to differentiate yourself from your competition, and to promote your business in the green community. Eco-Building Products Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Partnership provides more than volume discounts, but also provides a broad view of how every project can make a difference economically and socially.

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