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Call us: 231-399-0700
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As a new member of the business community, Eco-Building Products is committed to assisting the valuable non-profit organizations in our Northern Michigan region. Eco-Building Products is using our green products, marketing, and fund raising capabilities to funnel support to local, regional, and national non-profit organizations as part of a Community Outreach Program.

Non-profit organizations can utilize Eco-Building Products’ wide array of green building products, services, and marketing expertise to raise money and awareness for their organization. Through purchases of designated products by Eco-Building Product’s customers, non-profit members, and the general public, we will award a percentage of the net profit to your organization during a designated period of time.

Money Generating Assistance
Eco-Building Products values your important role in our community. The Eco-Building Products’ Community Outreach Program is designed to assist in raising financial resources for your organization and to increase awareness of your organization through our website and monthly newsletter. This fund-raising campaign will be most successful through designation of particular products for fund raising. We understand that your organization has particular objectives, and Eco-Building Products will help you to achieve those objectives through this critical product selection.

Since specific products may be appealing to your membership, but not necessarily to the general public, and products have different cost structures, we would like to work closely with you to determine what products will be most successful during your organization’s fund raising campaign.

Cross-Promotional Marketing
The value of non-profit organizations cannot be overstated, and thus we would like to feature your organization on the home page of our website and in our monthly newsletter. The details of your organization’s community efforts during a designated promotional month will be outline in these publications. In exchange for promoting your organization, its mission, and its accomplishments, we ask that following cross promotion: Write a public service announcement to be released through your normal media contacts that educates the general public about the campaign sponsored by Eco-Building Products.

Secondly, we ask that you write your membership about the campaign through a direct mailing (snail mail or e-mail) at the beginning, and possibly the middle, of the campaign. Thirdly, we ask that you include information about Eco-Building Products, Inc. and the important products and services that we provide, particularly those designated for your fund raising purposes.

Finally, we ask that after the fund raising period has ended that if money is generated for your organization through our combined efforts, we can utilize these funds as a contribution to your organization and we can become a member.

Greening Up your Organization
Decreasing our ecological footprint is not only good for the earth, it is good marketing. Eco-Building Products will calculate the potential offsets that have been saved as a part of your campaign’s total purchases. During your campaign, if 50 Caroma Dual Flush Toilets are purchased, the campaign may have earned you “X” number of dollars, as well as saved those who participated in the campaign roughly 1000 gallons of water per household person per year.

After the campaign has concluded, we will calculate how many kilowatt-hours, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, British Thermal Units (BTUs), and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) have been offset through the purchasing of green products. Eco-Building Products will issue a final report for your organization detailing these offsets and the benefits of such reductions.

For more information, give Jim a call at: 231-399-0700