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Light the Way with VIRIBRIGHT LED Lighting

VIRIBRIGHT LED light bulbs are the newest edition to the line of energy conscious and competitively priced LED lighting solutions from Eco-Building Products. With a unique combination of technology, affordability and longevity, VIRIBRIGHT LEDs are a smart choice for an earth-friendly lighting alternative. Available in convenient 5W A-Lamp and 20W T8 Tube sizes, VIRIBRIGHT LEDs are a truly energy and environmentally conscious alternative for lighting your home or office.

Compared to their incandescent counterparts, VIRIBRIGHT LEDs use up to 80-90% less energy per bulb, translating into significant energy and cost savings for the consumer. The LEDs even outperform compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) by 50% in energy savings. The energy advantage is made possible by LED technology that creates very little heat, with most of the energy created going directly to the creation of light. This eliminates the heat build-up that commonly occurs in other bulbs and subsequently drives the cost of energy up.

ViriBright UL CertificationVIRIBRIGHT LED light bulbs feature a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as boasting a lifespan up to 6-years, or more than 20,000 hours of usage. Free of mercury and other hazardous materials, VIRIBRIGHT LEDs have been awarded both UL and CE certifications for safety.

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