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Welcome to our new online Tiny House Hub!

Whether you are interested in tiny houses to reduce your ecological footprint, to save money, to be more mobile, or simply for their simplicity, we hope that our Tiny House Hub can be of assistance!

We started this resource in response to the increasing interest in our sustainable building products from people interested in building their own tiny houses, as well as professionals offering their expertise and artistry to the tiny house market, and communities developing codes to accommodate smaller dwellings.


Tiny House Resources

Tiny House Theatre – Submit and view  videos related to tiny house design, construction, and living

Tiny House Materials – While most of the products in our online store are suitable for tiny house construction and maintenance, these are some of our favorites, or visit out Tiny House Building Materials catalog.

Tiny House Builders –  Here we are are collecting builders of Tiny Houses with whom we have, are, or will be collaborating, as well as others who offer compelling experience and excellence.