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How to Make Wood Look Aged

A new floor with an old look. It is a floor trend that is currently very popular, thus many customers have asked us how to make wood look aged.  In addition to actually smoking and fuming wood, there are many reactive products that will give the wood a smoked or aged look. However, reactive pre-treatments tend to be very unpredictable, as the more tannins in the wood and the more treatment you apply, the stronger the resulting chemical reaction.

Rubio Monocoat, whose famous one-coat wood finish is used to treat 33 million square meters of wood per year across 76 countries, now offers Rubio Pre Aging, a non-reactive pre-treatment for achieving the aged wood look. This product is applicable to virtually all wood types, because the effect is not dependent upon the tannins content of the wood.  This overcomes a limitation of reactive stains which can only be used on wood types containing tannins.

Note that this product is a pre-treatment and does not protect the wood. After using this product to make wood look aged, follow up with a Rubio Monocoat one-coat finishing product, such as Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus, for maximum protection.

Rubio Monocoat Pre Aging comes in ten shades / colors which can be combined for an even broader palette.  View the Rubio Pre Aging brochure below to explore the shade / color options.  Click to open the PDF brochure below, then on one of the ten labeled shade/color tiles to jump to the product page with that shade selected.  Keep in mind that it will look different from one type of wood to another, so consider trying 100mL samples first.

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Rubio Pre Aging Brochure


Click here for the Rubio Pre Aging technical data specification, and here for the same document in Spanish!