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What to Know About Eco-Friendly Floors

More than ever before, Americans are embracing a sustainable way of life. This isn’t merely a passing phase; many families are willing to make major changes in their homes to ensure their lifestyle is as eco-conscious as possible. That’s why green building products have become so popular in recent years. Environmentally friendly flooring, in particular, has come a long way in a short amount of time, allowing homeowners to attain an attractive space in a cost-effective, sustainable way. But if you aren’t overly familiar with the concept of eco-friendly flooring and the benefits it can provide, this FAQ post is a great place to start.
environmentally friendly flooring

What is sustainable flooring? 

More specifically, you might be wondering what makes floors eco-friendly. Essentially, environmentally friendly flooring is created from sustainable materials and uses sustainable practices to produce the finished product. That means that the harvesting of materials, the production process, the installation, and the disposal of this flooring is all completed by reducing the demand on our ecosystem and promoting renewable resources. In other words, eco-friendly flooring is made, used, and disposed of without posing a threat to our environment.

What are some popular types of eco friendly flooring?

You might assume that these materials are difficult to come by, but the truth is that they’re becoming more prevalent with each passing year. There are also a lot more options than you might think. There are eco friendly wood floors, which include sustainable hardwood and reclaimed woods, bamboo, and even cork options. There’s also linoleum (including marmoleum flooring), rubber, and eco-friendly tile. With an increased focus on environmentally responsible options, new materials are being developed all the time.

What are the benefits of choosing eco friendly floors for my home?

Of course, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your environmentally friendly flooring won’t do harm to our planet. But that’s not the only advantage here.

In many cases, sustainable flooring actually makes buildings safer because harmful chemicals aren’t used in the production processes. Normally, these toxic chemicals will be released as the material ages, which can result in health problems for homeowners and their families. But those with allergies or other health concerns can rest assured that their green flooring of choice will pose no risk to their physical well-being.

These materials are also highly durable. If properly maintained, linoleum flooring options (including marmoleum) can last 40 years or longer! Because eco-friendly materials are often subjected to harsher quality checks than other kinds of materials, you’ll know you’re getting the most for your money. In fact, many of these options cost less than non-sustainable flooring, yet you’ll get to benefit from a longer lifespan. And because these options are recyclable and reusable, your maintenance costs will typically be a lot less. That means these flooring options are good for your budget.

If you’re considering making the switch to sustainable flooring, you’re probably already keen to protect the planet. But when you consider the wealth of options at your disposal, the health benefits, and how budget-friendly they are, this choice is a no-brainer. To find out more, please contact us today.